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  10. Muslims force schools to abandon anti-homophobia storybooks.
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  13. human-animal embryos created by British team
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  16. Welcome, Edwin!
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  23. Animal euthanasia
  24. A Few thoughts on Mary and the Great Cloud of Witnesses.
  25. How pope might influence US election
  26. MSG is in MOST fast-food and packaged foods!
  27. Sorry
  28. Pious dog
  29. Migrant labor shortage crushes tomato farm
  30. This false prophet is something else!
  31. IMPORTANT: Vatican to be attacked by Muslims
  32. Moon/ Earth/ Sun Relationship.
  33. Obama, "emissary of the devil"
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  35. Hillary's lies
  36. San Jose cathedral to host Mass for California Democrats
  37. Dingus Day!
  38. Winter 2007-08, as Predicted via John Leary
  39. United States is BANKRUPT!
  40. Happy St. Joseph's Day!
  41. Ron Paul on the War in Iraq
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