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  1. New Years Resolution: Admit you browse Cathinfo
  2. Spiritual devistation of my family
  3. Planet X incoming; countries building underground bunkers
  4. Exactly 5 years till Doomsday!
  6. Kwanzaa - the fake, racist holiday
  7. California to set peoples' thermostats by remote control!
  8. Put this quote on your wall
  9. The TRUTH about Saturated Fat
  10. Gentle thoughts for today
  11. Denmark bank predicts Ron Paul win, $175 oil
  12. US Gov't pays 1.3 BILLION for farmers to NOT grow food
  13. More on Huckabee being CFR
  14. Seeds of Evil
  15. Food will be scarcer, more expensive in 2008 and beyond
  16. Test yourself: what's wrong with this paragraph?
  17. Climate change everywhere
  18. GPS causes man's car to blow up
  19. If I'm a freak and a whacko, then...
  20. Californians sprayed like guinea pigs!
  21. Let's see if Catholics can do better!
  22. Cell phones are dangerous
  23. Iowa Caucus will be a big fraud
  24. Happy New Year!
  25. Great new CD -- Highly recommended
  26. Huckabee Exposed as New World Order Puppet
  27. Democrat punches pro-lifer dressed as Cockroach
  28. Record snowfall
  29. One agnostic's predictions for 2008
  30. Soul still in body?
  31. Why we should have some stored water handy
  32. Why Bhutto was assasinated
  33. Changing poor kids' names on them!
  34. Dr Mercola
  35. Bishop Williamson gives advice
  36. Funny Words of Wisdom
  37. How bad things are in Britain
  38. Dozens of girls fight outside mall
  39. The Pill causes abortion many times!
  40. About Ron Paul
  41. December 25th
  42. You know your living in 2007 when...
  43. Texas should secede
  44. Pagan yule vs Christmas
  45. FBI steal millions in gold from honest people
  46. Ron Paul urges congress to allow competing currencies
  47. Huge Indian tribe secedes from USA!
  48. For your enjoyment...
  49. Why citizens need to be armed
  50. Opening act of Civil War II?