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  1. Perception of time - decades and generations
  2. John Salza
  3. Why was the Origin of Species never placed on the Index?
  4. Bent Crucifix travels back in time!
  5. "Biggest, best" solar eclipse in USA Aug 21 2017
  6. Catholic forums ban discussions on geocentrism, long-ages and evolution
  7. A Day in Pompeii 24August79 AD
  8. 3 posts per page - 10 posts per page for MEMBERS
  9. Im at urgent care
  10. Any fishermen here?
  11. John Vennari Medical fund.
  12. How Government Solved the Health Care Crisis
  13. All the Ways Your Wi-Fi Router Can Spy on You
  14. Pray for Louisiana
  15. Hello
  16. What Are Your Thoughts on New RomeDeus Vult International?
  17. People Banned
  18. CathInfo 10th Anniversary Jubilee
  19. Get your free money here
  20. Job Discernment
  21. Hawaii
  22. Enemies and enemies
  23. Distinguishing the Difference Between Natural Law and Gods Law
  24. Bergoglios "Violent Fundamentalist Catholics"
  25. Priest dragged from altar during Latin Mass
  26. Why not homeschool?
  27. Certified Histories of the Spanish Empire?
  28. What did Abp. Lefebvre think of Human Vit?
  29. Vatican Party Line!!!
  30. Our Lady of Guadelupe and Europe today.
  31. Private Messages
  32. Rise of the Cristero 90th Anniversary
  33. Muslims in Catholic churches today didnt just attend
  34. The Absence of Rage
  35. ISIS beheads priest in france
  36. Repatriation of "European Muslims"
  37. A lot of Catholic priests murdered in Mexico
  38. Is it fair to quote from the Old Testament to condemn certain sins?
  39. Philadelphia Vs. Cleveland: Divided we Stand
  40. I have 48hrs
  41. Marital Act During Pregnancy
  42. Wisdom from a senior
  43. Vacation -- an entitlement?
  44. New Restrictions on Signatures
  45. Recruiting for a study on experiences of Christians
  46. Interesting move in Turkey
  47. 3 Cops Shot Dead in Baton Rouge
  48. Day Of Rage??
  50. TOGETHER 2016