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  2. Muslims are Conquering the World -- by having babies!
  3. apologizing
  4. First Jesuits
  5. is God's omnipotence conditional?
  6. Nice songs enjoy and forget the trouble will wait for tomorrow
  7. St. Basil - Abortion is Murder
  8. Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati
  9. Help me argue on The Naked Scientist
  10. Mel Gibson & wife to divorce
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  13. Why are all the links to this broken or gone?
  14. which part of faith is hard for you?
  15. Tapping Your Cell Phone
  16. Entire movie...St. John free
  17. Garabandal Visionary Mari Loli Lafleur Dies
  18. Fine Citizens for Saving Money?
  19. happy birthday markengland!
  20. Zenit...Vatican approved cancer cure???
  21. Texas Governor: Secession possible
  22. Been there, done that: A German Lady Speaks
  23. Interesting article on Bendict & Israel
  24. EVERYONE -- 30 seconds of your time please!
  25. Funny picture: Enlist family members
  26. Alex the Lion
  27. Dominos Pizza Employees Caught Abusing Food
  28. Giants in the Earth?????
  29. Young boy being attacked for loving Christ. Please help!!!!!!!!!
  30. Man gets hundreds of shoppers to raise their hand at once -- thru Hypnotism
  31. Happy (future) Easter! :)
  32. My Avatar
  33. Happy birthday, Katara!
  34. Happy birthday, Orangemetal!
  35. Glenn Beck calls for Revolution, "Global Katrina"
  36. A Brave Priest
  37. If everybody is thinking alike...
  38. Tony Blair: Pope must rethink 'entrenched' views on gays
  39. Hi Petrus! (I know you. You know me)
  40. Help! How do I post from USA???!!! (I mean the flag under the avatars)
  41. Ashes Ashes All Fall Down...
  42. Mexicans worshiping St. Death???
  43. list of thopse whom nobody can surpass
  44. Scam artist visits CathInfo
  45. What is a good spyware/anti-virus
  46. Something of historic proportions happening
  47. Asparagus cures cancer
  48. 5 books every traditional Catholic should have?
  49. More on the Monsanto Bill
  50. Know of any good modern Theologians?