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  1. High Fructose Corn Syrup often contains Mercury
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  9. Black Death has been released and is spreading! Not joking!
  10. The power of the media -- the power of EDITING
  11. Censorship and CathInfo
  12. Bishop Williamson tells truth about Holohoax, risks prison
  13. More Americans joining the military
  14. Vigilante group promises to kill 1 criminal per day
  15. What are traditional Catholic views of ghost/spirits?
  16. Bush declares state of emergency in Washington, DC
  17. Laghi
  18. No more resale after Feb. 10!
  19. Can God seduce any body?
  20. National Clandestine Sevice
  21. European countries declare state of emergency!
  22. Ron Paul on Gaza
  23. Rosary Novena to stop FOCA
  24. Rodney King II -- more California Riots?
  25. Politically Correct Catholic Websites
  26. Going nuts over nut allergies
  27. Happy birthday Anne De Guine & Traditional Frog
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  29. Big news -- Nat. Gas shutoff to Europe!
  30. Russian analyst predicts US breakup
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  32. Thank you Matthew
  33. The Irianian president say some truthful 'stuff'
  34. Free Speech
  35. Interesting Site
  36. Still think the world has life left in it?
  37. Double standard...when it comes to race
  38. Priest 'ruins Christmas' for kids
  39. Technology - good or evil?
  40. Funny Chicago Politics
  41. Roscoe, Did you hear Arnold?
  42. Red Alert - Must Listening
  43. 3 out of 4 Undersea Cables cut between MidEast and Europe!
  44. More Fiber-optic cables cut
  45. Chrysler to close ALL plants for 1 month; GM to close 20 plants!
  46. In the traditional Catholic Church what is a Brother?
  47. Did you know the Greek riots were this bad?
  48. Partisans are biased
  49. Watch this video!