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  21. Russia sinks Georgian attack boat!
  22. Because we forget
  23. Hidden Cameras
  24. Microsoft Vista security totally compromised!
  25. No one will notice the Armada, because of the Olympics
  26. Brazil Advances Toward a Homosexual Dictatorship
  27. Knights of Columbus Leader Urges Catholics to Oppose Pro-Abortion Candidate
  28. Ubiquitous Computing: Big Brother's All-Seeing Eye
  29. Happy Birthday Mater Dominici and Lefebvefan![color=blue][/color]
  31. Flat-earthers
  32. 100 ways to conserve gasoline
  33. Bizarro market -- but has anything changed?
  34. Obama = Fidel Castro
  35. Notice you can read more of the "last post" title now?
  36. Ex atheist brands Richard Dawkins as secularist bigot
  37. Only man in history to have never seen a woman
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  39. July 4th = Anti-Christ
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  45. Call on Knights of Columbus to Expel Pro-Abortion Politicians
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