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  18. Important -- Open your car windows before you turn A/C on!
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  20. California spends 220K on prisoners - 8K on child education
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  22. Summary of Life
  23. General sub-forum is for things that don't fit elsewhere
  24. Rat-eating plant discovered in Philippines
  25. What the @$#% is this all about?!?!?!
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  29. Secret cargo on hijacked Russian ship?
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  31. Caminus
  32. "If I close my eyes, then I won't have to See"
  33. "Dead" Baby Found Alive at Own Funeral
  34. 6-month-old booted from Burger King for lack of booties
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  36. CathInfo's Conspiracy Nuts?
  37. Galileo was and is wrong !
  38. Inmate hid gun in his flab
  39. Need help with new project
  40. Infants Not Human Beings
  41. If you use Internet Explorer 6, get rid of it!
  42. Enoch...The Books of GOD
  43. Man calls 911 over McDonalds fast food order
  44. Senate Cmte OKs "Catholic" Douglas Kmiec as Malta Ambassador
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  46. Are the Jews still God's chosen people?
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