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  3. A misonception that members seem to have about "sedes" on this board.
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  10. 10/27/08 Stocks Down again today! Deo Gratias!
  11. Australia - "drought" sounds too harsh, use "dryness" instead
  12. NEVER FIND OUT !!!
  13. It's the end of the world!
  14. Call For a Rosary Novena by Fr. Corapi
  15. Wall Street Journal says: Load Up the Pantry
  16. Argentina grabs $29 billion from 10 private pension funds
  17. 8/24/2008 Market closes down! Deo Gratias!
  18. Bishop reported to IRS for criticizing Obama
  19. School holds surprise 'Gay' Day for kindergartners
  20. Chrysler to cut 25 percent of salaried work force
  21. Disturbing e-mail someone posted
  22. Major Financial Alert Friday October 24 2008.
  23. Barak Hussein Obama Ineligible to be US Pres as Foreign Born?
  24. Foreclosures rise 71% in october
  25. Pandemic, America's Final Solution?
  26. Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
  27. V for Vendetta -- Nov 5th? Interesting
  28. Top Theorists Examine Rippling Economic Turbulence
  29. Palin the "Walmart Mom" Spends $125,000 on Clothes at Neiman Marcus and Sak
  30. Top U.S. and Russian military officers meet
  31. Stocks down today! Deo Gratias!
  32. Risk Expert Nassim Taleb: This Is Probably Worse Than The Great Depression
  33. Fiscal Cat 5 Hurricane Warning
  34. Peres to visit Egypt Thursday in bid to revive Arab peace talks
  35. Accidental truth in advertising
  36. Why the defaults didn't explode the market today!
  37. Another Gem from the Remnant: Who's Drinking the Kool-Aid?
  38. Biden to Supporters: "Gird Your Loins", For the Next President "It's Like C
  39. Preparation manual (PDF) from "the experts"
  40. 5 Chase banks receive letter threats
  41. India, Japan to sign security pact during PM's visit
  42. Let It Collapse!
  43. Banks braced for Lehman Brother's debt insurers' deadline
  44. Mathew, I enjoyed your post from Makow on Joseph and Communism
  45. Obama refuses to be seen with Police, Military
  46. Words from a very smart individual!
  47. We are doomed
  48. Prophecy of St. Nilus