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  5. Congressman: "If we don't pass Bailout bill, we'll have Martial Law!"
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  9. Sara Palin may be mentally ill check this out
  10. Gladius, TIA replied to your letter and referred to it as egalitarian hate
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  14. House Speaker: "we are under Martial Law..."
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  17. Boycott Youtube (if they don't take action)!
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  21. Bankers complete takeover of USA!
  22. Wisdom from an old Deist
  23. What will happen
  24. Microsoft opens huge data center in San Antonio, TX
  25. Just like 9/11
  26. Writings Of Jesus Christ
  27. Radio Roman Catholic
  28. Hank Paulson - Emperor of the USA
  29. Science finally catching up to death?
  30. Truck full of nickels crashes
  31. Pope defends "WWII Pope"
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  34. All heck is breaking loose in the markets
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  37. Happy birthday, Happywife!
  38. Global Emergency in progress!
  39. Barack Obama talks about the Bible.
  40. The apparitions at Akita, Japan
  42. Suicide and Evolution
  43. 911 Revisited
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  45. Amazing what these words spell!
  46. Super Collider
  47. 'Hate' Crimes
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  50. Pregnant women should avoid perfumes