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  1. What to think of Rorate Coeli?
  2. Franz Ferdinand
  3. Any preferance among catholic names?
  4. Funny song on you tube for the parents out there
  5. Michael Jackson is dead
  6. Neda's last words
  7. Gay Exorcism Video
  8. Jackson dead
  9. Day turns into Night in China!
  10. Sams giving out candy in pill bottles
  11. Extreme Shepherding
  12. Jewish-Rosicrucian Hollywood
  13. Ever heard an obvious, Bald-faced lie?
  14. Gun quotes -- pass them on!
  15. Creepy But informative
  16. I am gone
  17. Where to read this online?
  18. Jon and Kate Plus 8 - getting divorced
  19. Apologies to Dawn
  20. Dulcamara -- can you smell the smoke?
  21. Woman fined 1.9 Million for downloading 24 songs
  22. Worlds before our own
  23. help!
  24. On the discipline of children
  25. Validity of marriage and prenuptual agreements
  26. Now Playing at the "Holocaust Museum" - The Lone Nut
  27. For the Men
  28. Head of Pro-Abortion Women's Group NOW to Resign as National President
  30. How dangerous are HD Digital TVs?
  31. Parents think James Leininger is reincarnated WW2 pilot
  32. Jesus was not a Jew?
  33. JoanScholastica?
  34. A thought on converts
  35. Von Brunn: The Rabbi of the White Race
  36. US Cities to be bulldozed in Shrink to Survive strategy
  37. Woman who missed plane crash dies in car crash
  38. Question About Von Brunn's Relations with the Cryptocracy
  39. Dueling "Catholic" Groups Fight to Represent Abortion Advocates
  40. Difference between God and Obama...
  41. How bad is the media?
  42. Abortion Business in Philadelphia Gives Away Free Abortions Honoring George
  43. House Democrats Prevent Amendment Limiting Obama's Intl Abortion Agenda
  44. Israeli mattress thrown out; $1 Million lost!
  45. Where do you guys live?
  46. To all of you
  47. The Vatican's Secret Shame:
  48. Thousands of Late-Term Abortions Will Continue Following Death of George Ti
  49. Sonia Sotomayor Questionnaire Shows More Pro-Abortion Evidence
  50. Secret Agreement