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  22. How do people keep coming back with so little activity?
  23. Notice from Michael Hoffman regarding the status of his book, "Judaism
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  25. Equality
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  28. $1,000 Reward
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  30. Why Catholics stop going to church when they leave the Faith
  31. Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Abortion Hurts Women
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  34. SHE IS GAY
  35. Brother sun, sister moon movie
  36. Happy birthday
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  38. Vatican Newspaper Editor Claims President Barack Obama Not Pro-Abortion
  39. The reliability of the Bible
  40. Catholicism and Patriotism
  41. Religious order?
  42. Poll: Americans Don't Want Obama to Appoint Abortion Activist to Supreme Co
  43. CNN Poll: Interested Americans Oppose Obama's Pro-Abortion Record Nearly 2-
  44. Occam's Razor
  45. Happy Birthday TheD!
  46. Fourth Poll Shows U.S. Public Opinion Trending Pro-Life on Abortion
  47. Vatican Newspaper Criticized for Downplaying Obama's Pro-Abortion Record
  48. They traded Marie Antoinette for this???
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