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  20. Vatican Newspaper Criticized for Downplaying Obama's Pro-Abortion Record
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  23. Yahoo Slurp
  24. New Fox News Poll: More Americans Say They're Pro-Life on Abortion
  25. Obama Covers Up Pro-Abortion Record at Notre Dame, Heckled During Speech
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  31. Dawn
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  33. Pro-Life Ad on Adoption, Abortion to Air on American Idol Finale
  34. gets hate mail for witnessing to the Truth
  35. Obama budget cuts funds for abstinence-only sex education
  36. Mormons...handing out free bibles
  37. Pro-Choice Equals Pro-Abortion, Contraception Doesn't Reduce Abortions
  38. Man-made plastic island, twice the size of Texas
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  42. Do aliens exist?
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  44. Vatican Archbishop Criticizes Notre Dame for Inviting Pro-Abortion
  45. Another brainy 2 year old gets into MENSA
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  50. Muslims are Conquering the World -- by having babies!