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  6. Does God hate sinners?
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  11. Ideas for my imaginary Kingdom?
  12. want to rip hair out
  13. Question on Baptismal Names
  14. Don't have mace? Use wasp spray
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  16. On the chemtrails
  17. Any Users who can't log in to CathInfo?
  18. Is the swine flu really gone?
  19. Post-Basketball game excitement - car is torched
  20. Philip II
  21. user on here called MSNBOT
  22. Winston Churchill singing
  23. Pope Does 180 on St. John Vianney
  24. Pius XII begged FDR to spare civilians, churches, hospitals
  25. Debating Islam
  26. Tradition in action can tell a persons SOUL by looking at their face
  27. Obama hip-hop song
  28. Flood coming to my area of Texas
  29. Lets Make a Documentary
  30. Caminus, please comment on this absurdity
  31. LOOK OUT! b e l o w . . .
  33. Gulf of Mexico Alert - Linsay Williams
  34. The "trerrorists dun it" is not the truth about BP it is propaganda to try
  35. Top Kill Fails
  36. Visualizing the Gulf of Mexico oil Gushers, More than a spill.
  37. Families at the TLM
  38. NJ Latin Mass
  39. Strange couple
  40. Jew caterwauling for Benedict.
  41. Moors Not Semitic?
  42. Why Are We Traditional Catholics?
  43. Illegal Immigration humor
  44. Spouse of Jesus...
  45. Who are the Children?
  47. Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea - Radcliff, KY - June 5, 2010
  48. First Annual Kentucky Catholic Homeschool Conference
  49. St. Pius X Academy
  50. Happy Birthday Mrs.Z!