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  1. Global warming, here I come!!!
  2. Ever hear of the "Gap Theory?"
  3. I am a HERETIC and so are you....proof! Bible proof
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  8. It's over for America
  9. More insanity at Fisheaters
  10. Calgary Bishop Defies Rome, Bans TLM in Diocese due to H1N1
  11. Sooooo cute!
  12. Happy Saint Andrew´s Day!
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  15. I fixed the Flag Glitch
  16. Ken Welch-Vaccine Warning #2-Mounting Miscarriages
  17. Uniformatarianism and Evolution are UNTENABLE
  18. Did Papacy always exist?
  19. Russian DNA Discoveries - MIND BLOWING!
  20. TKGS
  21. Man "marries" virtual woman
  22. More Eucharist desecration on Youtube
  23. Life in the 1500's -- debunked
  24. Is it permitted for a Catholic to be "anti-semitic"?
  25. Wizard Of OZ
  26. Running a Catholic forum like CathInfo
  27. Welcome to newbies...
  28. Man thought in coma for 23 years was actually conscious
  29. Where is Heaven?
  30. The Hypocrisy
  31. Satan & Vatican II
  32. Happy Birthday, DAWN !
  33. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
  34. Apparently, those with a sede viewpoint shouldn't rail against evil that
  35. Msgr. Benson
  36. Yep, man walked on the Moon!
  37. Meteor Explosion in the sky
  38. T.S. Eliot on being Patient
  39. The Hour of Judgment and the Hour of Need
  41. CathInfo members - your e-mail address is now safe
  42. Kali - fornication
  43. The Vatican joins the search for alien life
  44. Dark secrets: Inside bohevian grove-(1/9)
  45. ADVISORY for all CathInfo members
  46. Welcome to the newbies...
  47. Happy Birthday, ChantCD!
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  49. Ukrainian Plague - pandemic to watch
  50. If I were Dolan or Cekada, I wouldn't want to appear before an american