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  3. Witchcraft?
  4. A plea to Matthew.
  5. A conspiracy...Google blocking Norway Spiral Photos
  6. 10% off Chant Cds and books at
  7. Welcome to the newbies!!
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  9. Evolution's smoking gun.
  10. Iowa to allow sodomy!!!!
  11. Happy Birthday Kephapaulos!
  12. Happy Birthday Kephapaulos!
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  30. If you like the the Book of Enoch then you will like this rare find!
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  34. Calvinist-God wants us to prosper
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  38. Genesis 1-true way to read it
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  40. Global warming, here I come!!!
  41. Ever hear of the "Gap Theory?"
  42. I am a HERETIC and so are you....proof! Bible proof
  43. Well, that was an odd call...
  44. More sewage at fisheaters - Thai lady boys
  45. Orthodox Saint's Prophecies
  46. Numbering of the Commandments
  47. It's over for America
  48. More insanity at Fisheaters
  49. Calgary Bishop Defies Rome, Bans TLM in Diocese due to H1N1
  50. Sooooo cute!