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  1. Children think oats grow on trees
  2. Where is Pope John Paul II?
  3. Haiti: The Untold Story
  4. Embarrassment for the Catholic Church
  5. Cathinfo mercuryboard (?) error
  6. Visions and messages and dreams, oh my!
  7. Question
  8. Spirts and ringing ears?
  9. Sophisticated cave men
  10. Pope Pius IX quest for Sainthood
  11. Poem of the man-God, the SENSUALITY [of its 'Jesus']
  12. Which came first: washing feet or institution of Eucharist?
  13. Great quote...
  14. greenhill have you seen this?
  15. Apple's new iPad
  16. Apostolic See
  17. Original Sin....Looking for help.
  18. Anne-Catherine Emmerich and the curse of Ham ( blacks )
  19. Life changing sermon on Hell
  20. When Papal Bulls made sense and were not mamby-pamby
  21. Reasons why they don't convert
  22. Icons & Wallpapers!
  23. Happy Birthday Chi Rho !
  24. Drunkenness and mortal sin.
  25. The Ignore Button is there. Use it!
  26. My apologies to St. Therese
  27. If Darwinian evolution is true, you should not exist.
  28. The end of Raoul76 is nigh.
  29. Do you think this was intentionally done?
  30. Protestantism comes to St.Kilda
  31. GlobalCorp. by Mike Ruppert
  32. Avatar and Pantheism
  33. Viewers depressed after watching Avatar
  34. Millions of dead fish after Florida cold snap
  35. Personal confessions without a priest
  36. Something we all need to remember...
  37. Woman didn't even know she was pregnant
  38. Cannibalism - is it okay?
  39. Cold remedy stops you from tasting/smelling ANYTHING!
  40. All you 43 guests -- Join in; tell us how you found us!
  41. Herr Greenhill!
  42. Video footage of San Francisco, 1906
  43. Aspiring to Sanctity?
  44. Littlerose, don't leave due to the antics of some of our more extreme poste
  45. Welcome MariaTheresa!
  46. Haiti, Failed State: Gangs Armed With Machetes Loot Port-Au-Prince
  47. May i propose a piece of etiquette?
  48. Morality
  49. A voice from the past?