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  16. Raoul76 stop misquoting me!
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  25. Idea
  26. Cicero on "inside jobs"...
  27. Finally Figured out Why I Haven't Been Getting Along With Certain People.
  28. Happy Birthday Cristian
  29. Turns out Aztecs were cannibals
  30. Jewish-Baptist kidnappers connection
  31. WooHoo
  32. This angelqueen post and thread is hilarious considering servs hypocrisy
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  34. Forgive me
  35. Audio-We Cannot Have Reverence Without Humility
  36. Question for home aloners
  37. Ahmadinejad tells Iran it is now a 'nuclear state'
  38. wine and changing of history.
  39. Tyranny
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  41. Tommorrow is 02/10/2010
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  44. Avatar NOT the best movie: statistics lie
  45. One of the best deaths ever.
  46. Finally! New rule for CathInfo -- EVERYONE PLEASE READ
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