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  4. Introduction and "Fish Eaters" Discussion
  5. French SSPX Documentary: "To The Right of the Vatican"
  6. The issue of lack of jobs for young people today
  7. Militant Jerome versus Sweetsie Romanticism brand of Catholicism
  8. Warning: Opus Angelorum, An Old Satanic Heresy
  9. Iran tests short-range missile
  10. blocked and unblocked in a minute
  11. "Homo Erectus and the Kiss of Rothschild"
  12. E A R T H
  13. "The Stupids take the Prize and Scream for their own Death"
  14. Color photos from 1910 Russia!
  15. If you think you have a reason to be depressed...
  16. Hot Dang!
  17. Happy B-day Dulcamara
  18. Pelosi calls for investigating those in "opposition to the mosque" at Groun
  19. Yin Yang and St. Thomas Aquinas
  20. National Anthem composed as a prayer
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  24. Why my kids will be HOME SCHOOLED
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  27. Even the Satanists know...
  28. Baptism before BIRTH
  29. Barmitzpha
  30. School bus clocks 367 MPH (not a joke!)
  31. Wal-mart in China
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  33. Genius of St Ignatius
  34. The problem with trinitys posts as they are all directed at attacking
  35. My blasphemous posts
  36. Big news in Russia! Radiation, plague
  38. White smoke
  39. "Edgar Steele Frame Up"
  40. The hypocrisy of Lindsey Graham
  41. what a strange and ecclectic bunch of forum posters we are
  42. Nazi-Naming Parents Lose Child Custody
  43. Gravity called into question?!
  44. Video of an awesome hailstorm
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  48. "The 2012 Deception"
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  50. Anybody seen Michael Davies Una Voce resignation letter?