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  1. Just asking
  2. UK to teach children that Sodomy is "Normal and Harmless"
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  11. Which saints have backed anti-popes?
  12. Eating meat on Friday Feasts of Our Lady
  13. Great videos busting Overpopulation myth
  14. Boat from 1700s found underneath WTC.
  15. Does the forum think that gays become possessed by demons over a period of
  16. On marrying without parental permission
  17. Alaskan family lives isolated life in vast wildlife refuge
  18. Warning to the South - 11 states of Confederacy
  19. Anne Catherine Emmerich
  20. Could UFO (alians) be what the Bible calls the fallen angels?
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  22. Britain's Monarchy
  23. Drowning doesnt look like drowning
  24. Holocaust Denialism - a new university discipline
  25. This day you will be with me in paradise.
  26. I bet Catholic Samurai is thrilled today!
  27. Quotable Sheen
  28. What about this??
  29. Ghost Towns
  30. What is it with words?
  31. TLM in the USA
  32. what does "forbidden" really mean?
  33. Connection issues
  34. Awesome website on symbolism
  35. 100 Guests - Visitors from Angelqueen and Fisheaters
  36. found out about a new book on Christopher Ferrara
  37. abortion completely illegal
  38. Distributist Review changes
  39. CathInfo will be down for a while
  40. Speed of light slowing down
  41. 51 Guests
  42. The Other World inside your Mind, the Doors no Man should ever open
  43. Can Fallen Angels interbreed with Humans and create a Demon-Human Hybrid?
  44. Youtube video on Nirabu or Planet X
  45. members who never post
  46. Newspaper article that appeared today * Spokane *
  47. Good quote...
  48. First Amendment suspended in the Gulf of Mexico as spill cover-up goes Orwe
  49. Hey, Myrna
  50. Baby name laws around the world