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  2. CDC Employee Is Missing Nearly Two Weeks After Leaving Work Sick
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  15. Walter Williams
  16. Dr. William Pierce: the white middle class
  17. So - what's wrong with the term "once a Catholic, always a Catholic"?
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  19. The Roman Catholic Magazine (Edited by Fr. Martin Skierka, SSPV)
  20. An apology
  21. This is not good
  22. What is the reason for the Apocalypse's curse?
  23. Scripture clearly identifies the "Great Harlot" of the Apocalypse
  24. Poland Holocaust Law Angers Jews
  25. FBI Releases New Crime Stats for 2016...The Charts are Startling
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  27. Ashes
  28. anti-Jew folks: Jesus was a Jew, His Church still "Jewish"...
  29. Giving-up all tolerance for Messianic (pseudo Catholic) jews... for Lent.
  30. Pope Benedict XVI says he's increasingly frail and in last phase of his life
  31. George Soros, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton orchestrated a coup in Vatican
  32. 160th Anniversary of Mary's 1st Apparition at Lourdes
  33. The Six Million Jews- The lie planned long before
  34. A Necessary Reminder & Study
  35. Martin Luther King Jr. did not want a colorblind society
  36. SSPX is like China's Underground Roman Catholic Church
  37. I love Israel
  38. Spiritual traditions
  39. Talmudic Judaism's hatred for Christianity
  40. why most people end up in hell.. one reason
  41. National Academy for Child Development and homeschooling
  42. St. Thomas affirming the Immaculate Conception!
  43. Saint Valentine's Day
  44. The Garden of Eden
  45. what Bill O'Reilly's father said.. relevant 2 posts here at cathinfo
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