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  1. Deceased Baptized Children
  2. Does anyone else have any preparations for the 3 Days of Darkness?
  3. The Roman Catechism on self-defense.
  4. Catholic Answers
  5. The Catholic Church in the Bible
  6. Database backup this evening -- expect 10 minute outage
  7. Accusation Of Blasphemy Against Virgin Mary
  8. Vatican Prelate in gay romance with Swiss guard
  9. New HUD plan to integrate blacks more...
  10. Sodomite Infiltrators in Orthodox Church
  11. Irish Victory
  12. Importance of Latin in the Liturgy
  13. Who killed Detroit city and Why
  14. Google plans brain chip implants
  15. Can a heretic "bless" anyone
  16. Money
  17. Email notification
  18. Testing Youtube embed
  19. The recent rise in nutjobs.
  20. Favourite commercially available Beer.
  21. World Youth Day and SIM cards
  22. Usury
  23. KITCO Gold and Silver
  24. Israeli soldiers make Rachel Corrie pancakes
  25. Black Americas Real Problem Isnt White Racism
  26. Hell at the Center of the Earth?
  27. Church teaching on women
  28. Supernatural Experience with Jesus
  29. Illegitimacy
  30. Muslims force Lady Gaga to cancel show.....
  32. Should men cook?
  33. Very lost, please help
  34. Is it sinful to dye your hair?
  35. Thirteen critics?
  36. Antipopes during interregnum?
  37. Indulgences for following World Youth Day... on Twitter?
  38. Separated Brethren
  39. The Creativity Crisis
  40. Innocent XI From the Decree of the Holy Office, Mar. 4, 1679
  41. Russian dash cams - crazy drivers!
  42. New ISOC interview
  43. Interfaith all faith
  44. Books
  45. Today at Mass we had a sermon on...
  46. gardening question, dealing with varmints
  47. Ethnic foods
  48. Hes got the whole world in His Hands
  49. Libertas Praestantissimum
  50. Irish music - there is nothing else quite like it, the shamrock of songs