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  1. Is God trying to say something through Irma and now Maria?
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  15. Proof of the Great Flood off Alabama
  16. The Necktie: A symbol of the Counter Revolutionary, Catholic man
  17. Sept. 23rd: The Warning?
  19. Do You Believe the Horizontal Horizon Line is a Line?
  21. Hurricane Maria upgraded to cat 5 when it was expected to be a 3
  22. The Sign - Sept. 23rd Documentary film
  23. Jewish converts who became Catholic saints
  24. Ok, there is no pope, there are 3 baptisms and the earth is flat...
  25. Topics dominating CathInfo
  26. The Devil led him Into a High Mountain, and Shewed him all the Kingdoms of World
  27. Cupich transforms parishioners into sitting ducks
  28. Has anyone refuted the writings of Mr. Strojie?
  29. Another powerful earthquake hits Mexico
  30. St. Hildegard prophecy and hurricanes
  31. Barbuda -- 100% evacuated, no one there 1st time in 300 years
  32. "Harbinger" author's new book (the clintons?)
  33. More anti Catholicism
  34. hacked?
  35. Is anyone here bipolar?
  36. Benchmark moment for me in considerations about the Church
  37. ANOTHER NO Cardinal Opponent of Francis has died! That makes 3 in 2 months
  38. I love Myself
  39. men go by logic (?), women by emotion?
  40. Bones of St. Peter The Apostle
  41. Rosaries
  42. Taking Hirsch Files down today.
  43. alcoholic
  44. Does Anyone Live Up In Kansas?
  45. Poverty is a good thing... says God
  46. CD of City of God (Ven. Mary of Agreda) - where to find??
  47. Status: Stubborn
  48. How about some German rap? Marteria
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