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  1. purgatory
  2. Of cults and their dynamics, SWP of Uk
  3. Jewish Atheist Sodomite Attacks Street Preacher
  4. Egyptian Muslims forget Muhammads letter to Christian monks at Mt. Sinai
  5. Feral Youth kill white guy 4 fun
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  7. How do you deal with ambiguity?
  8. How did you meet your spouse?
  9. Catholic items in the home?
  10. Look who I found at the Thrift Store
  11. Vile letter sent to mother of autistic child
  12. might stay up all night
  13. Christs Sayings of the Cross
  14. Give me a break - Catholic Answers
  15. Did the devil respond to me request?
  16. Poor illegitimate children deserve murder
  17. Are all Christians Catholic?
  18. Black mob of 50 beats man into coma
  19. Catechism of the Catholic Church
  20. CAF Radio Show on Rad Trads Tonight (part 2)
  21. How Many Rabbis Run The Catholic Church ?
  22. ATTN: ggreg and LaramieHirsch
  23. Blacks Rob Priests on Church Grounds Defiant Priest said "shoot me."
  24. Facebook Anti-Catholic?
  25. Third Gender now an option on birth certificates
  26. Romania building new Churches
  27. Commuting penance?
  28. Problems with Internet router or routers
  29. Happy Feast of The Assumption!
  30. Stigmatists?
  31. Vatican Panelist Sued
  32. I almost feel like this guy could be one of our posters
  33. Did Bishop Williamson consent to this?
  34. Which bishops opposed the definition of the Dogma of the Assumption?
  35. Modest womens wear?
  36. Short Hair in Women
  37. CAF in "Crisis"
  38. Consecration to the immaculate heart of Mary
  39. Happy Feast of St. Philomena, virgin martyr, Rome
  40. The Kalam Cosmological argument.
  41. weird dream
  42. Rednecks and Russia
  43. Lets discuss this heretical post by our friendly trad cath Gregg
  44. Attending SSPV
  45. Old timers remember this - Young adults please watch
  46. Telesphorus and Pax Romanum have a problem
  47. Happy Feast of the great Saint Lawrence!
  48. Welcome
  49. Pax Romanum has been banned (again)
  50. Members with Androgynous names - what gender are you?