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  1. Wedding Cake of Couples Severed Heads
  2. The 1971 New Rite of Confirmation
  3. Pray for Priests and Catholics in Philippines
  4. phillipines passes rh bill!- then gets slammed with a typhoon
  5. White guy wins after leading voters to believe hes black
  6. Artistic career?
  7. Francis Speaks to Lutheran Leaders and Shows Us the Way
  8. The Democratic Party
  9. Is it a sin to seat hop at a sporting event?
  10. Kash Register spends 34 years in prison as an innocent man
  11. The Nienaber boy
  12. The American Catholic Church
  13. Putin to Visit Pope Francis
  14. Should you pray for your enemies?
  15. Online Stores For Crucifixes, Etc?
  16. Pope Pius XI - The Man Beneath the Propaganda
  17. Question on unwed parents who are first cousins
  19. Fr. Lombardi says no plans for women cardinals -- but not impossible,
  20. To those from - Welcome!
  21. atending batmizvah
  22. Finally, something is being done about Medjugorje?!
  23. LAX Shooting - suicidal gunman opens fire with assault rifle at terminal 3
  24. BANNED TALK - what Msgr. Perez gave at Niagara Falls this past September
  25. CathInfo server move
  26. Question about geocentric cosmology
  27. "The Missal Crisis" of 1962
  28. Painting of St. Michael cries
  29. FE Might Close - Or Jayne Might Become a Moderator There
  30. The Catholic Teaching on the Antichrist
  31. Jews still Gods chosen people
  32. Todays Readings: 113
  33. The true sacrafice calls to me...
  34. A Hand Gesture
  35. strongest Devils Advocate argument contra Pope St. Pius Xs canonization?
  36. Likers and critics leaking down the drain.
  37. Dogmas of the conciliar sect
  38. Mother of 9 dies in car crash on way home from Mass
  39. should you move house to get to mass?
  40. Indulgences for the Week of All Souls
  41. Pray for the soul of Cathy Nienaber
  42. Seminarians names?
  43. NSA spying on the Vatican, Pope.
  44. No Halloween - All Saints Day eve and day is Catholic!
  45. What song is this?
  46. Catherine Nienaber obituary
  47. Another thought on Halloween
  48. TRADITIO FATHERS Heresy regarding Sacred Scripture
  49. What GAYMARRIAGE did to Massachusetts - the story is just beginning
  50. Hans Kung, dissident theologian, considers suicide