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  20. I won tickets to The Principle!
  21. Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are right.
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  23. the Sistine Chapel
  24. No ebola shot for me
  25. Ebola Czar says overpopulation main concern
  26. A New Proof of God
  27. A Simple Question for People who Believe the Earth Revolves Around the Sun.
  28. Illegitimate pregnancy legitimised
  29. Would a Future Reconquest of the Papal States Be Justified?
  30. Long time no post...
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  33. The genius of Laurel and Hardy
  34. Slander and gossip
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  39. Just Left FishEaters
  40. Where did the thread on the Sistine Chapel used for corporate events go
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  42. Science class in the 50s
  43. NHL
  44. My Will
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  47. FE member is promiscuous, practicing homosexual!
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