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  1. Dont forget to set your clocks ahead!
  3. 2017 ?
  4. South Korea decriminalizes adultery
  5. Name of God
  6. Question on John 3:36
  7. Does anyone know if Amy Poehler has a religion or believes in God?
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  9. Study finds massive Francis effect in Italy
  10. Al Gore and his Global Warming - sigh
  11. Sabbath versus Sunday
  12. Huge Arizona power outage
  13. In The World but Not of It
  14. UNTIL MARCH 6 - Free documentary on GMOs, vaccines, etc!
  15. Number of scourges Jesus received
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  17. Rosary Rallies
  18. The true Mass and what it represents.
  19. Only Seminary in the World?
  20. Pope Frances "Little Book of Insults"
  21. A possible conversion
  22. What language?
  23. new member
  24. Venerable Jacinta Marto
  25. Marijuana: Catholic Resonse?
  26. Near Death Experiences and How They Can Bring Us Closer to God
  27. Blessed be the poor in spirit
  28. the right RCC
  29. Math teach arrested at JFK
  30. A True Lady is Recognized by Her Modest Attire
  31. Should we avoid sinners?
  32. Fitzinfo
  33. Losing Faith
  34. Teaching Latin to Children
  35. Homos given audience with Francis
  36. My Daily Latin Missal was Ruined...HELP!!!
  37. Ggreg is banned from CathInfo
  38. How to Spot a Catholic Islamophile
  39. Lent, a Time for Spring Cleaning - of the Soul
  40. Richard Dawkins advocating mass murder
  41. I Am Needing help on LaSalette!
  42. Is technology disconnecting us from each other?
  43. Anyone from Spain?
  44. Divine Mercy
  45. Stop Keeping Up with the Joneses - Theyre Broke and Miserable
  46. Questions from a novice.
  47. Can you tell me more about the Mystic Marthe Robin?
  48. What Does it Mean to Be a Lady?
  49. Does anyone have this picture?
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