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  13. Scalia
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  15. Suffering and Our cross.
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  20. Pope parades Padre Pio for Year of Mercy
  21. Signs of End Times
  22. Bolivian bishop formalizes ban on Communion in the hand in his diocese
  23. Voting in the Next Presidential Election
  24. Migrants, Do Not Mess with the Russians
  25. Living as brother and sister
  26. Books about the Knights Templar
  27. Searching for a priest: Fr Dominic May
  28. Germanys Catholic Church calls for reduction in refugees
  29. Tobacco Bulls
  30. Liquid protein and Lent fasting....
  31. Pope to meet Patriarch of Russia historic
  32. Charlemagne: Defender of the West or Servant of the Jews?
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  34. Can you contribute a chapter to the ground breaking book, The Power of My
  35. New apparition of Our Lady of Fatima
  36. Black Athletic Superiority?
  37. Dimond brothers
  38. Laramie Hirschs Promoting of his Naval Contemplations
  39. Role of priests with regards to counsel of members of his parish
  40. Woman thinks shes a cat
  41. Different ethnic people are different from each other
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  44. Star Wars Mass
  45. Another "I have been banned" thread.I
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