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Title: "To know the End From the Beginning"
Post by: gladius_veritatis on July 01, 2011, 10:40:02 AM
Sunday, June 19, 2011

To Know the End from the Beginning.

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Summer is arriving but here it is gray and cool but not unpleasant. My guests have taken off for Basel for the art fair. I’m not much into art fairs since there is very little art by my definition. Most of it looks like something done by a school kid; the sort of thing pretentious people make noises about with a glass of white wine in their hands as they discuss mood and meaning. They find meaning where I find none and it’s mostly about their idea of their own insights. They swell with self importance and pseudo-intellectualism and talk nonsense. Lucky for me that most of that happens around here in a foreign language but it would all be a foreign language to me.

They’re not all that different from the people who talk about politics, war and the economy. They don’t know what they’re talking about either and I’ve gotten to where I don’t pay much attention to them. I’m not capable of it anymore. My eyes glaze over and my mind turns to deeper issues that most people don’t think or talk about.

My guests bring a new dimension to my being while they are here. Usually I don’t have anyone to talk about these things with. Both of my guests are very bright and informed and we have some spirited discussions.

We were discussing the subject of 9/11 and the mechanisms by which it is closed out in most conversational circles. I was saying how in most instances, if you mention 9/11, it’s not long before people want to move on to other things and look at you as a disturbance and someone to be ignored and marginalized. People get in trouble for talking about 9/11. They get in trouble at work. They get in trouble in family and social situations. They don’t want to hear about it. It makes them uneasy and they don’t want to be associated with the topic because it draws negative and undesirable attention.

In this world, these days, people often go along to get along. They want conformity and they want an end to the troubled nature of the times. Somehow they think if they push aside all the reasons and meaning for the conditions of the day that things will just got back into order at some point and none of it will make any difference. They like business as usual. They like ordinary predictable things. Most people aren’t going to go into Nature and take magic mushrooms with you. They instinctively sense that this might change them and it might bring up things they don’t want to look at. They’re right. They’re wrong about the essence of it but they’re right in a general sense. It will change them and it will bring up things they imagine they don’t want to look at.

People should be changed and they should look at certain things. They don’t need magic mushrooms to do it but there is such a blanketing of darkness over people’s perceptions and the ability to perceive things in their real meaning that it’s not necessarily a bad idea because it catapults you into a plane of awareness where you can see into things and not just glance off of them.

People don’t address the deeper problems and questions of their being because; in a certain sense this is what they are. Since most people operate on the level of the personality, which they think composes what they are, they are composed of the problems and questions. That’s why they can’t find solutions because they are the problem. In most cases, in respect of the deeper issues, there are no solutions except for a change in the people confronting, or avoiding them. This is why life provides conditions and times of change because people won’t do it on their own. The Apocalypse is necessary because people have become blinded by desires, appetites and a collective ignorance; a shared unreality that doesn’t actually exist and neither do the people sharing it. They don’t essentially exist as what they think they are. That is a mask.

Today’s world is filled with belligerent drunks and mental defectives who have embraced a lie and lumber through its environs like sleepwalkers in a nightmare. The public servants are a cartoon. The religious leaders are hypocrites and self serving fools. The corporations and banks are bloodthirsty sharks in a community swimming pool. Mass insanity doesn’t look like what it is because there is no normal for comparison. Crazy just gets crazier and looks more ordinary because that’s how it is and that’s all you see. Some of us are aware of this but we’re not welcome in the general affairs of the nutters who think that we are crazy. We’re not.

The cultures and the various societies that compose them have entered a terminal phase. It’s not a self correcting mechanism. Cosmic forces must be employed to readjust the conditions of life and they come around like clockwork because the state of the cultures and societies go off the rails like clockwork. It’s all a teaching environment and doesn’t make much sense unless reincarnation is the fact I believe it to be.

It’s pointless from my perspective to talk about all of the things that are wrong because they are too numerous to get into and the problems are all systemic and can’t be solved by available means because the whole thing is wrong and has to die a programmed death along with all of the shallow dreams of the people who move about within it.

The icons of our times are banal, vacuous and lacking in inspiration. Their tawdry lives hang like dirty laundry that was supposed to be washed but they skipped some of the steps in the process. We’re a joke and it’s not funny. It probably is meaningless because few people get the punch line and no one talks to them. They’re pariahs that remind people of things they don’t want to think about.

I believe in cosmic justice and all of the timeless verities that reside on some rarified plane and which precipitate downward at given intervals. I believe there’s a deeper meaning and import to life, regardless of whether anyone can see it. I believe in the greatness that resides as potential in the heart of humanity and I believe in other things as well. What I believe is no big deal in the scheme of perverted life. These things are an inconvenience to those who have sold their souls for material gain and the drive of self interest. I still have no idea why I am here and don’t even think about it too much. I believe in Love and Love believes in me because Love is conscious and resonates with what pertains to it and changes everything else.

In times of darkness, the man with a flashlight is king. You don’t negotiate the darkness with darkness. You negotiate it with a light. Darkness does not illuminate itself. Ignorance does not enlighten. Greed does not result in abundance because there are higher rules and appearances are deceiving. There’s no enjoyment in the finest foods and the finest things, if it tastes like sawdust and is composed of shit. The principal illusion of the prosperous and powerful is that they are better off and live in some unique and private world. They live in isolation, so that would be private. Their chief relish is that you think they are better off and they feed on that because they don’t have much else.

I don’t know how it sorts out. I don’t know what’s coming because everything is about lessons and teaching moments and that’s the primary intent of the cosmos, not all of the smoke and pageantry. Maybe we’re all doing our best but that is a terrible thought. The long range of the plans of the universe, cover too great a vastness of time for any individual consciousness to get a grasp on. In any case, there is only the moment and ever will be. Finding one’s harmonious accord with the moment is the main thing and that’s not relevant to the schemes and dreams of those who grant pariah status to everyone who has their best interests at heart.

I do know that it all works out; even if that means it doesn’t work out the way most people want it to. Most people don’t know what’s going on anyway and that’s probably why. Trauma and transformation are the generator of lasting and meaningful change in nations and individuals. That’s the operative status of our present residency. Make the most of what you have but first discover what it is that you possess.

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Title: "To know the End From the Beginning"
Post by: the smart sheep on July 01, 2011, 10:47:23 PM
Put it all in a bubble and blow it away :)  

    the smart sheep