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"The Grim Reaper and the Slouching Beast Approach"
« on: August 07, 2011, 12:47:07 PM »
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    Sunday, August 7, 2011
    The Grim Reaper and the Slouching Beast Approach.

    Dog Poet Transmitting…….

    May your noses always be cold and wet.

    Wow! Where do I start? It’s here folks; meltdown in progress. They’re rioting in London and Germany says they can’t bail out Italy and that means Spain too. Even the Israelis are protesting in the streets. How they can be having problems with all the blackmail and threat money they get is beyond me but it’s a significator of something. Meanwhile, those Navy Seals that got shot down and killed turn out to have contained the members of Navy Seal Team 6 from the long dead Bin Laden zombie kill. What are the odds that The Taliban makes their biggest hit of the decade on a Chinook carrying these people? Given all of what has preceded this, it can be argued that it looks like an inside job to pacify conversation and clear the decks. The Reaper is on the move. I don’t know the real details of what took place in that event but the mind ponders and ruminates.

    I could be talking about hemlines and perfect grilled cheese sandwiches but I’m not.  Black Monday looms on the horizon and what does that mean? I don’t know. We’ve been aware for some time that the center cannot hold and that the system was approaching an irreversible winding gyre downwards, so I suppose that means the rough slouching beast is on the move too.

    One thing is certain, when capitalistic systems fail, war is their only recourse. That means a war on two fronts, both internal and external. Such a war is unwinnable. It should be and it is. It’s a strange irony that the chief protagonist of the past two world wars, which is Germany, has the most robust economy of the moment. They’ve even amortized the cost of reabsorbing the east and that was a couple years ago. It’s amazing that Germany could do this, given the economic pounding that was put on it by Israel. Still, the international language of economics is German so, maybe that’s it.

    The Reaper and the slouching beast are not the only things on the move. The public is on the move, as witnessed in Tottenham and other places. The elite, with their private police force, are going to be making shows of strength, which means killing more people than they already routinely do, whether it’s some defenseless, homeless person, or an elderly granny, who appeared to be leering, when she intended to smile but I think that’s the fault of the false teeth. They’re going to be destroying villages to save them and the public is going to react, as it is already doing and the elite and their catamite governments are going to be toast, burned toast.

    Welcome to ‘interesting times’. The outrageous arrogance of the ruling class is soon to have an admixture of fear added unto it. Even now, they plot some seriously major event, or series of events, to take the attention off of their bad behavior but the awakening is militating against that. Whatever they do is going to have that instant karma slap back. Mr. Apocalypse is judiciously and scientifically working his stick and we’re all going to have to watch out for the fear factor so that we can garner the good things that are going to come out of this.

    I don’t know what to tell you. A hard rain is going to fall but I believe it is selective. I believe that two men will be standing in a field and one will be taken and one will be left and I think it is all under control and right down to the last jot and tittle, I think it’s going to be ingeniously expressive in an absurdist, tragicomic way. These are just impressions that I have based on fairly intense, intuitive transmissions. We all have such leadings and hunches. Even the atheist has this feature, though he may define it differently and there’s no one among us who can claim he hasn’t acted on premonition at some point. Some people have marvelous luck in that regard and I consider myself among them.

    For whatever the reason, I feel extremely positive and increasingly more so. I see the fall of all that is wrong in the approach of something great that is to be defined by the human spirit when pushed to extremity. I’ve been watching that fantastic film, “The Mission”, which slipped under most people’s radar, I think, as some films do, like “The Freshman”. Here we see the entrenched order of plunder and slavery, going about its long term and former business, which it now engages in from a economic construct. It’s the same thing, it’s just labeled differently. Now people are enslaved by banks, rather than force of arms, or so it appears. Slavery still continues as it ever did but it presents itself through a different lens. People are enslaved by cheap entertainments and trivial interests. This keeps them on the surface of events, so that they will not look deeper. It’s always some variation of bait and switch and if you’re stupid and don’t have control over your attention and your appetites then you’re what’s for dinner, one way or another.

    Those pushing their repressive agendas are definitively mad. They have more than they need and they want more. They are possessed, in a manner of speaking, and only trauma and the face of that which they do not anticipate, rearing up before them, is going to have any impact. It is sad but true. The only thing that will impress them, is going down in flames and they will get that. Most people have never been in an enraged mob, or seen the power and fury of it. When the human mind embraces the mindset of a beast it is indescribable. This comes about when the circumstance they are in has become unendurable, when matched up with the alternative.

    The elite deserve it for more reasons than I care to list and the people deserve it for having been so acquiescent to false blandishments, which contain no real enjoyment but proved sufficient for the un-inquisitive and uninformed. Sooner or later life informs you anyway. That’s just how it is and why so much of this is inevitable. It isn’t really inevitable, technically. It all depends on the public’s response to the awakening and the potential for the elite to get a clue. They are so crafty and fox-wise but the snares are inescapable, based on the tendencies of the fox mind. Read your fables.

    Nothing had to become the way it is. It did so because appetite and desire overruled reason and prudence. In times of darkness, the mind is darkened and only great perseverance and effort can attain to greater illumination. That is the mercy of The Apocalypse. You get wakened up despite yourself or, even with the force of The Apocalypse, you just can’t manage to rise from your doomed dreams and we don’t know how that’s going to sort out, because we are not in the defining moment but we will be.

    I apologize for my occasional bouts of a lack of lucidity and a sometimes rehashing of the same hash, served with different eggs on a different day. You don’t actually pay for this service, if you consider it a service, so there’s that feature, often overlooked. I do the best I can with the tools I have and I’ll keep at it. One thing I don’t doubt is my own intentions in this whole extravaganza of whatever this is. That’s a comfort to me.

    End Transmission…….
    + Vincit veritas +


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