Author Topic: Neo-Cath Blogisterium Attacks Voris and E. Micheal Jones With Empty Words  (Read 720 times)

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How sad that people can't rely on the Church's catalog of sins and must instead impose private judgment and allege our brothers' guilt on the basis of politically correct victimology instead. Where would we be without the Lay Apostolic Magisteriumâ„¢?

There's currently a storm of controversy going on amid the patheos blogs as the internet gurus level their rusty apologetic canon, not against error (or the Turk) as you might hope, but against fellow Catholics.  Even Paul Sumo at Americanist Catholic has to get into the fray to cast out, expurgate and revile the anti-Semite!   Would it be too much to ask that if you're going to call someone's work into question that you at least be accurate and truthful?

How is it that a major Catholic news source like Americanist Catholic can produce these schoolyard taunts and expect them to have any currency at all?


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