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Title: "Mommy", Where Art Thou?
Post by: Lover of Truth on May 03, 2012, 11:30:51 AM
I find it disturbing that more and more young ladies find it necessary to abandon their one-year-olds into the hands of a stranger each day so that they may go to work. This sickening and disgustingly evil practice, which is carried out in a ho-hum sort of fashion, is a contributing factor to the lack of authentic love in the world. I heard a young lady wonder why her one-year-old ignores her when she gets home each evening. I do not ordinarily speak like this "but like um duh".

    Of course your baby is mad at you! And you do not know why?!? I get a cramp in my brain just beginning to fathom the depth of depravity this world has reached. Your baby is mad because he instinctively knows you are his mother and feels abandoned because he has been abandoned. He is being raised by a stranger, and you are just some pant-wearing person that visits the house in the evening, and if he is lucky, he can sit in your lap for a while as you watch TV for the next couple hours. These women, who I have difficulty calling "mothers", are sick and sordid creatures. They are top-level agents of evil largely responsible for the death of civilized society.

    And we wonder why the Mother of all Mothers, the ideal to which every mother, every woman should strive for - the Blessed Virgin Mary - weeps and is so sad? Of course, your Heavenly Father is mad at you! Of course, Jesus Christ Son of the eternal Father and divine Son of the Blessed Mother is mad at you! Of course, the heavenly Spouse of the Mother of God, the Holy Ghost is mad at you! But They will forgive if only you ask. That is more than many mothers grant their children, even to the point of denying them life through the hideous sin of abortion.

    How did this horror take hold so insidiously?

    Let us take a look at how society has changed since the woman has decided to chase her superficial and materialistic dream of greed which correlates with the death of the last Pope in 1958. These changes are merely the results of "latch-key kids" who were not abandoned until the ripe old age of 4 or 5 when they started school. So we will have to wait a while before we really notice the effects of this latest one-year-old abandonment phenomenon. The neglected children of these biological mothers grow up to provide us with various services at convenience stores and on the telephones, representing the various agencies that provide shoddy goods at exorbitant prices and ludicrous interest rates.

    The children grow up and learn quickly that human contact is "not necessary" (remember, mom was gone most of the time right?), and that we can just shun our duties to whoever or whatever will perform them for us, which is why we cannot reach a human voice on the phone until we have pressed all the right buttons and said all the right things and have waited an appropriate amount of time.

    Some of these children grow up to be our leaders holding positions where the ability to "care" is a requirement to function properly. Such "caring" is also necessary in the medical field. Has anyone gone to the doctors and felt like they were being processed through like cattle? The children grow up to be selfish, superficial and materialistic just like their mothers. They fully understand the decree which states: "He who dies with the most toys wins." I wonder what high flatulent maniac came up with that one. I don't believe you will see him in the Church's list of canonized Saints (and I am not talking about the modernist "saints factory" fashioned by you know who...who just got fast-tracked on his own assembly line this past Sunday).

    These are the children that do drugs, join gangs and engage in violent crimes. They are filled with hate because they know not love. They grow up neglected and abandoned as their mothers sashay about in the workplace barely clothed in their tight-fitting regalia. Oh and they flirt so cutely. There is nothing wrong with that after all. Their husbands don't mind. Well it doesn't matter if their husbands mind or not because they don't know. The idea of turning women into "productive" pant-wearing men has been a great blessing on us all. If they have the misfortune of dropping an egg every once in a while there is no need to worry. Society will take care of "the little burdens" and teach them how to commit grave sins and be "tolerant" of those who commit grave sins against the 6th and 9th Commandments. Society will teach them how to be amoral drones who "grab all the gusto they can get". Think green and submit to unreasonable search and seizures at airports and other everyday travel spots. Society will teach them to respect evil and to be indifferent to authentic religion. No need to worry, mamma. Go about the more important things in life while your children search for love in all the wrong places.

    Yes, yes the stay-at-home mother is no longer in vogue. We must dance to the tune of the masonic elite as the world self-destructs before our eyes.

    God has written the natural law into our hearts. These "mothers" feel guilty about dumping their hatchling infants off into the hands of strangers who are willing to play the role of mother goose. No need to worry about the pedophiles who seek out the precise jobs that fill the need of the abandoning mother. No need to worry about the mother/child bond that will never form. We live in the brave new world now, where love is abstract, and gain is all. We must be productive cogs in the satanic wheel as we prepare the way for the anti-Christ who will flush us into our eternal doom. Or are we to believe that these "mothers" are so callous that they feel no guilt as their infant whales and cries uncontrollably when mommy walks away from her maternal duty each day to leave them in the most capable hands of the worldly stranger?

    Go ahead and abandon your chicks to the friendly wolves as their minds get raped and their souls are devoured. Only be not surprised if God abandons you at your particular judgment. "What you did to the least of My brethren, that you did unto Me." God has put this immortal soul in YOUR hands so that you might return it to Him with interest. But instead you chose to bury your treasure so that you can gallivant about in the finest apparel enjoying the "better" things in life, like prestige and the respect of your peers, at the cost of your and your children's souls. "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul in the process?" We prefer man's approval over God's. What senselessness! What utter and complete madness!

    But three cheers for the small percentage of women who conduct themselves the way decent ladies should. You know, the type that dress like ladies and dare to stay home and breastfeed their infants rather than disposing of them in whatever receptacle receives them, be it daycare, a nanny, or whoever will help them shirk their God-given responsibility. Yes, these are the women who do not prance about in their skimpy attire in the public work place. No, instead they play the role of mother to their children as novel as that may seem. They are role models who are actually there to be seen and imitated by the children God has placed in their hands. Catholic women have a great opportunity to merit in a world filled with pitfalls.

    Women who dress like ladies open the door to many a furrowed brow (you know, the perplexed look you get from those confronted with a truth they do not want to accept, I have seen dogs give a similar look though more innocent and less judgmental) these days. But being charitable in the face of furrowed brows is not the only way they merit. Doing away with the TV, not just for their children's sake, but for their own sake, is another way the authentic Catholic women merits. Same with movies or bars or other unseemly ways they were taught to have "innocent" fun.

    There is merit in giving up things you truly did not realize were wrong when you did them before. Staying home with the children is a way to merit every moment of the day. Being "barefoot and pregnant" or at least offering up the trials of pregnancy is meritorious, as are all the things good mothers do every waking hour of their lives. God is so merciful in allowing us to merit when we are merely doing what we should.

    We interrupt this article to bring you a pleasant diversion:

    But I am going to say something novel here and not insist that a good Catholic wife and mother be barefoot when pregnant. Unless I come across some obscure Papal Bull that says the contrary. (Yes I'm being facetious.) So, put on those shoes with abandon and laugh until your ribs hurt. "Ha, ha ha! I'm pregnant, and wearing shoes and no one is going to stop me! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!" Yes, being a good Catholic wife and mother is not all penance and suffering. That's right. God does not mind if you never step on a piece of glass or a bee again.

    Back from my diversion in this otherwise depressing article.

    But the senselessness of the world reflects the senselessness of the heretics that pose as the Catholic hierarchy. The faithful children of Holy Mother Church have been given to the care of unholy mother wolf. Those who have not found their way back to their real mommy go to a fake mommy's breast for the milk of sanctifying grace found in the Holy Eucharist and are given a piece of bread. They look to her for truth and get the dripping rabbi laden saliva of heresy. When crossing the street of death to eternal life, instead being told to look both ways (do good and avoid evil) before crossing, they are told they will get eternal life by following their conscience. Instead of valid Last Sacraments we get a feel good ceremony that leads us blissfully into Hell.

    Every day for lunch I take a walk and see numerous babies being wheeled around by friendly new strangers. Instead of avoiding a glance in their direction as I normally do, I looked at the faces of the children and realized I had forgotten that some mothers dump their children off at the age of six months! A double-income couple in my vanpool chose this option. These are babies barely out of the womb. I do not get angry often, and I am certainly not prone to violence, but when I see and think about this, and picture the same thing happening to my children, I want to smash something. I cannot begin to fathom how mothers can do this to their helpless babes. I looked at a park where 20 some odd babies, perhaps as old as 2 and 3, were toddling about, and one boy was standing on the bench with his bare behind in the view of all the city public who cared to look, as he was being changed by the friendly stranger designated for the maternal slot that day.

    But perhaps we have to put ourselves in the mother's place. The mother's I know who do this are all married to husbands that have jobs. In a Catholic society, widows who are mothers of young children would be taken care of financially, so that they could stay at home to raise their children, as would the minute percentage of those who conceived through rape (those mugged in the street perhaps more so than those who go to bars in skimpy cloths to pick up men and sit up all night drinking at home while fooling around with a male friend, but then gets shocked when the male they have led on all night takes it further than you have planned).

    But let us not kid ourselves. The vast majority of single mothers are mothers because they willingly break the 6th and 9th Commandments which results in what the marriage act often results in: children. But the married women I speak of are nice as can be at work. At first glance they would pass as civilized human beings, and this would be the case after several more glances. You would expect them to have fangs and horns. But Satan made our downfall look good to eat, fair to the eyes, and delightful to behold.

    So God puts a baby in the hands of its (I will use the term "it" here rather than the politically correct "his or her" - not to make it seem unlike a person (as the mother's that abandon them do - but because that is a proper grammatical way to phrase the sentence) parents, heck, the parents may have even planned for it. The women at work tell me about their one to two-year-olds who were "planned". We have had several workers that had them all around the same time, and their children are in the same range as my one and three-year-old. Why they feel the need to express these things to people they do not know can only be guessed; perhaps for approval? They think, "What a wonderful treasure, let's put it in the care of a stranger for most of its waking hours in six months." Perhaps they think of it the way people think of pets. They may not be able to leave it alone in the house all day but it is still a nice thing to have; something nice to prevent them from being lonely. Something they can give affection to on weekends. They can feed it and "curb" it. Changing a diaper might be more cumbersome than scoping it off the road but at least they will not appear to be sterile in the public view. "Hey, we're normal, we had a child. Nothing wrong here."

    But as I alluded to before, there is no beacon of light in the world for them to look to. The light has gone out in Rome. It's "night night time" now, and the lullabies modern Rome is singing have put us completely to sleep. We are babies in a world filled with day-care providers, but no real mommies. Our replacement mommies may tell us about Santa Claus but speak not of Jesus. Did I mention how many of the mommy replacements do not pronounce words properly and your children irreparably learn how to speak in this jivistic (a corrupt, mutilated and slangish version of English) manner?

    The mommy who usurped the role of Holy Mother the Church may speak of "religion" but not of conversion, sanctifying grace, the need to join the Church to save your soul, Hell, Purgatory or Limbo (except to put it out of existence). There is a new mommy in town and we have a new father we call "Pope." But this new daddy does not provide salvation for his family. This new daddy does not try to unify his children in truth. If some of his children want to yell and scream at the table, which replaced the altar, that is okay. If they want to run away from home and join another family that is fine as well, so long as they do not reunite with their true mommy in the catacombs. For the fake daddy has raped the true mother, moved into her house, and fooled the children into thinking he is their real father. Fake daddy has other wives - Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and many others, while real Mommy and her faithful children have moved out, but the damage has been done to the rest of the offspring who have no idea about who they are or the purpose of their existence.

    The abandoning mommies, many of whom are children of the false daddy who resides in Rome, have no one to look up to. Not their parents, not their religious leaders, not their friends, not their associates. Very few and far between are those who give the proper example. This does not excuse their actions. I, having two young ones myself, know that they inherently know better than to do what they are doing. I know the first day they dump off their six-month-old child their conscience pangs them deeply. But they ignore this pang and tell themselves it is alright. And as I have mentioned, everyone else tells them it is alright.

    It would be good if you women could understand the sanctity involved in being a good mother and stay home with the children God put into your care. Why give up the most important treasures God has given you, to strangers, in order to work when there is plenty of work to do at home? Why do the work of the worldly to the neglect of the work of God?

    God has put the fate of immortal souls into YOUR hands. YOU are the primary person responsible for the formation of souls which will dictate the way they live the rest of their lives. To shun that responsibility is nothing short of an abomination.

    You cannot dare complain about the state of the world when it is because of people like you who shun your vocations for the sake of material goods, that the people raised in and by that world, grow-up to make the world the house of evil that it is.

    There is no higher lay-calling than that of the mother who does what a mother was meant to do. No amount of prestige or money replaces the work of infinite value you do in raising Godly children. Merely being available to do one of the most naturally beautiful things in the world, breast-feeding, has positive repercussions that last a life-time. Men cannot do that. Good husbands and fathers cannot typically stay home without shunning their state in life, much as they would like to, while women can, yet, chose not to.

    Jesus knows our hearts and can say, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." We do not know other people's hearts so we must pray, "Father, convert them for they know not what their eternity will be like if they don't convert and fulfill their vocation properly."

    Husbands and fathers you are called by God to help your wife fulfill her state in life, using your money primarily and perhaps only, for the needs of your family. If your family is destitute, because you spend your money on the frivolous, you will answer to God. Help your wife out and let her know you appreciate all she does; for the truly Catholic mother is more valuable than you know. She is the backbone of the family, and the children whom she raises make the world what it is, and more importantly, add to the Kingdom of God. Yes, good Catholic dad, it is your wife who does most of the raising of the children, as she is with them 24/7 while you are gone for at least 50 hours a week. It is your primary duty in life, your vocation, to support her in every way you can.

    Heavenly Father, help us to fulfill our states in life. Help the women to live like ladies, the wives to be good wives and the mothers to fulfill their vocation of motherhood by being there for their children. Assist us all to be what you created us to be. Help the fathers and husbands to be good leaders and heads of the household, just and merciful in their commands, kind and gentle in their dealings, and charitable throughout. Grant the wives the grace to be the submissive hearts and stay-at-home mothers they are meant to be. Patient, kind, understanding, nurturing, sympathetic, but strong and firm, devoted 'till the end, so that they may reap the temporal rewards of raising good children, and the eternal rewards for being who Thou created them to be. We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end. Amen.