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Author Topic: Why do unrepentant criminals or particularly evil people give off a common vibe?  (Read 178 times)

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I have always noticed there was something about them or a vibe of some sort they gave off. Acting or talking in certain ways. When I saw a criminal at a train station who was either given bail, or something with his partner. I knew something was bad about him just by looking at his face and himself before he even approached me. Then when I showed any signs of 'weakness' while at the station and saw him coming out of the train he mocked me which I knew he would. But next time I noticed he was being escorted by police whenever he had to come to the train station, and anywhere he went. They were always monitoring him and requesting that he show his id.

The same uncanny feeling I felt when I encountered another sinful woman who particularly engaged in bad activities which I don't want to mention. Me and another man knew that there was something off about her as a person, unstable or that she is inherently manipulative likely to cause trouble for us or people: 

Take sunshine for example where both locals and migrants are known for having many links to sin or crime:


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