Author Topic: Who were the "religious Sisters" in ++Lefebvre's Sep. 1976 audience w/ Paul VI?  (Read 241 times)

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Who were the "religious Sisters" ++Lefebvre referred to in his 11 September 1976 audience with Paul VI?
There are examples like that of the religious Sisters I saw two days ago, good religious who wish to keep their religious life, who teach children as their parents want them to be taught - many parents bring their children to them because they will receive a Catholic education from these religious. So, here are religious keeping their religious habit; and just because they wish to preserve the old prayer and to keep the old catechism they are excommunicated. The Superior General has been dismissed. The bishop has been five times, requiring them to abandon their religious habit because they have been reduced to the lay state. People who see that do not understand. And, side by side with that, nuns who discard their habit, return to all the worldly vanities, no longer have a religious rule, no longer pray - they are officially approved by bishops, and no one says a word against them!
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