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New website: Destroy Hollywood
« on: October 24, 2011, 05:52:18 PM »
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    New website: Destroy Hollywood
    « Reply #1 on: October 24, 2011, 06:20:20 PM »
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  •                Why We Must Destroy Hollywood


         You have to be blind not to notice the sick state of popular culture and the smashing of talent in Hollywood today.  Films are no longer creative.  They preach defeatism and negativity.  Actors are lured into drug abuse and mindless orgies.  They are subtly beaten down by the media if they don’t have shallow personalities or a lack the will to fight back against the media's verbal abuse.  An intimidating elite of pimpish drug-laced snobs permeates celebrity parties and filters into everyday culture- anyone who is repulsed by all the illness is deemed unpopular or evil.  There is a dreadful aura looming over Hollywood that reeks of resignation and destruction.  

         So many people are suffering today because of a lack of artistic icons and life goals that they refuse to accept the fact that the American art and entertainment industry has and is causing serious psychological and social problems.  Those problems are draining us of our will to achieve and to enjoy life.  Right wingers' solution to clean up the people's spirit is to outlaw arbitrary specifics like sex and violence; leftists' remedy is to refuse to condemn anything, pump themselves with some drugs, and let go of the past and future.  These are both dead ends.  The real solution is to demand honesty and justice.  And so, we must eliminate the germ that caused all the problems.

         Hollywood is America’s cultural barometer.  It influences the way we see the world and its content reflects what we feel and think.  It has succumbed to a virus which is flooding the market with negativity, death worship, division, mindlessness, and destruction.  This virus has slowly invaded the media, especially the propaganda machine of Hollywood.  It saps our money, our lives, and our sanity.

         What would you think if you found out a nation which oppressed and terrorized its neighbors was draining America's money and brainwashing its citizens into throwing their money down its throat?

         What would you think if you found out a politico-cultural-ethnic group consciously tried to be the sole influencers of a foreign nation's media, politics, and economy?

         What would be your reaction if you found out this racial/religious extremist group preached to its members:

         “[Non-member] souls are of a completely different and inferior order. They are totally evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.” …If every simple cell in a [member’s] body entails divinity, is a part of God, then every strand of DNA is a part of God. Therefore, something is special about [member] DNA.”

         If a [member] needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent [non-member] passing by to save him?  The [holy book] would probably permit that. [Member] life has an infinite value,” he explained. “There is something infinitely more holy and unique about [member] life than [non-member] life.”

         What would you think if you found out that group’s members purposely tried to infiltrate and dominate the culture and the media of a nation?  

         What would you think if they said the fact their ancestors were persecuted by the ancestors of that nation was an excuse to poison the culture and media of people of that nation, who weren’t even born then, to benefit members not born then, either?  

         What would you think if they tried to oppress talent and individuality, and tried to shut up anyone who spoke out against the unfair domination of the economy and media by that one group?

         What would you do if you found out this group of people was behind mass murders, illegal assassinations, and deceptive money laundering…yet blamed members of the host nation for their deeds?

         How would you feel if you found out this group controlled a bigger and more dangerous mob that made the Italian Mafia and Irish mob look puny?  

         What would you think if good members of the group were routinely shut up and called traitors?

         What would you say if you found out this group tried to cover up historical events and twist history to benefit themselves, and repeatedly called persons who spoke out against the extremism of this group racists?

         The virus is Zionism.  The culprits- the media, our society, and our government, including fringe organizations, like, for example, this radical religious/racial group called Chabad Lubavitch.  

         What is Chabad Lubavitch? It is worldwide, ultra-orthodox Jewish extremist organization with members in every leading nation of the world. If you are not familiar with the organization, its racial supremacism will shock you.  Chabad Lubavitch says Gentiles are unclean, inferior creatures whose sole purpose on the earth is to serve Jews. Many Chabad rabbis believe Gentiles are the “supernal refuse of creation.” They often teach that it is no sin, and is in fact righteous, to kill or cheat a Gentile. You may not believe this, but any Internet search of official Chabad sites and Chabad rabbis’ writings will prove every word.
    On Chabad Lubavitch: Extremism Exposed

         What is Zionism?  Racism.  Zionism- or Jewish extremism- has taken over our society, especially our media, including Hollywood, which it uses to spew all this venom into our minds.  It goes largely unnoticed, because people assume that because the Jews were often oppressed, their descendants have a right to oppress others.  Chabad and other extremist orthodox rabbis frequently author columns in the largest Jewish newspaper in the United States, Jewish Week.  Radical Zionists have come to control and influence most areas of our society.

         Good Jews must stand up against Zionism, terrorism, and racism, no matter who it is from.  Israel, the home of Zionism, is trying to weaken American society so it can subordinate it to Israel’s interests.  Israel purposely kills thousands of Palestinians a year.  Our values are being eliminated and destroyed to numb us to these murderous deeds.  Jews and Gentiles must stand up against the political, military, and social atrocities committed by Israel and Jewish extremism.
         By forced “diversity” (which is NOT true tolerance), mind-dulling "New Age" philosophies (a corruption of Buddhism and Taoism), FemiNazis (who reinforce gender wars), and death worshippers, Zionists are purposely killing our spirits by corrupting the arts, and using Hollywood as a propaganda machine to tear down Western society’s intelligence and virtues.  Pitting the races, sexes, ages, cultures, and religions against each other, the small group of Zionist Jews have managed to punch holes in society, via their fingers in the media and movie industry.  People can no longer relate to or communicate with each other, and there is hatred and mistrust underscoring human interactions.  Caring only for money, corporate conglomerates and big media CEOs give no damn about the common citizen and are bent on keeping him weak and deluded.  

         Yes, there is a Zionist agenda.  If this surprises you, ask yourself if you would consider it crazy to think a group of Germans were out to control the world.  The Jewish mob, in fact, is much more dangerous than the Italian Mafia, the Nazis, the Communists, the Japanese Yakuza, or any other criminal organization.  Good hearted Jews have spoken out against the mob and the actions of Zionists, only to be called “self-hating” Jews or “traitors”.  
         The American government is doing nothing about Zionism and Israel's sapping of our energy, so the average citizen must act to repel Zionism and Jewish chauvinism once and for all, especially when it is in position to delude our minds.  

         The key to winning this battle is in fiercely throwing their control off of our media, by refusing to subordinate our happiness and will to their desire to keep us subjugated, depressed, and stupid.  

         The media, especially Hollywood, causes pain and misery in our souls.  They tell us we shouldn’t expect happiness or success in life, that negativity goes with the territory of living on Earth.  They tell us if we are miserable about the decrepit state of this world it is because we are antisocial and have bipolar or depression...not because of the corporate Zionist control of our lives, government, and media!  They tell us we have no ability or will to break away.  

         This is NOT true.  

         We can break free of evil, negativity, and defeat.  We do NOT need psychologists or mind-numbing drugs from Zionist companies to keep us from giving a damn about our own destruction.  We will NOT allow idiocy and defeatism and nihilism destroying our beloved celebrities.  We are outraged about the needless draining of talent and multiple celebrity deaths that occur in the wasteland of Hollywood.  

         We DEMAND the Zionists stop controlling our media and entertainment system, and declare WAR on Hollywood.  We will take it back, make it OURS again, to represent the wishes of the people, NOT the rich Zionist bosses who want to dumb us down, weaken us, and lie to us!  

    Never will we rest until Hollywood’s elite is completely overrun!
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