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University Of Illinois Israel Scandal
« on: September 16, 2015, 08:11:34 AM »
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  • University Of Illinois 'Israel' Scandal

    Video and text:


    Free Speech is a basic tenet of academic discourse.

    But if you’re anti-Israel, free speech bites the dust.

    The latest victim of Jewish censorship is Professor Steven Salaita, fired from the University of Illinois.

    Salaita’s a Palestinian American with Christian roots and ethnically cleansed grandparents.

    His offense was to tweet barbed criticisms of Israel’s war on Gaza.

    [Clip: I’m here today at the University of Illinois to speak against my termination by the administration from a tenured faculty position because of university administration’s objections to my speech that was critical of the recent Israeli human rights violations.

    My Twitter messages are no doubt passionate and unfiltered. They reflect my deep dismay at the deaths of more than 2,000 innocent Palestinians, over 500 of them children.

    In recent statements, Chancellor Wise and the Board of Trustees said that the university administration found the tone of my tweets ‘uncivil’…”]

    Stop there.

    What’s really ‘uncivil’ is the murder of innocent Palestinians—including children—by Israel’s military, empowered by US Congress.

    And truly ‘uncivil’ is yielding to Jewish donor pressure when making faculty decisions.

    [Clip: “Even more troubling are the documented revelations that the decision to terminate me is a result of pressure from wealthy donors, individuals who expressly dislike my political views.

    As the Center for Constitutional Rights and other groups have been tracking, this is part of a nation-wide, concerted effort by wealthy and well-organized groups to attack pro-Palestinian students and faculty and silence their speech.”]

    Guess who’s giving the gag order? Organized Jewry, the prime enemies of free speech.

    The university was flooded with messages from Jews and their organizations demanding Salaita’s head.

    Then in July of 2014, the Simon Wiesenthal Center mailed a letter to the university president Robert Easter demanding that Salaita be fired.

    Signed by Jewish high-rollers, Rabbi Meyer May and Aron Hier, the University of Illinois obliged.

    Free speech hits the trash can when it runs into Jewish bucks.

    And spilt Palestinian blood goes into deep freeze.

    [Clip: “During Israel’s recent bombing campaign in Gaza, however, the ice cream freezers weren’t stacked with popsicles and sorbet. Instead, they stored the bodies of dead children.

    The symbolism is endless. Ice cream and children’s bodies. They usually intermingle in messy harmony. This time, though, the bodies had replaced the treats.

    Thus I tweeted. The evidence in my case is clear. I’m no anti-Semite. I’m a man who was fired because I condemned Israeli policy in language appropriate to a horrible occasion, rather than in the meek platitudes of civility.”]

    But Jewish popsicles are doled out to the submissive.

    This past June, the Simon Wiesenthal Center presented the “Spirit of Courage” Award to Christopher Kennedy for leading the university in firing Salaita.

    More like the “Spirit of Shilling” Award.

    For it was Jewish ‘donor’ Lester Crowne who in presenting the award to Kennedy reminded the Goys that big Jewish money comes to the willing and obedient.

    It’s a Jewish world after all. But Salaita’s not rolling over and playing dead.

    He filed a law suit against the university, giving Jewry and Phyllis Wise sleepless nights.

    For we will all sleep better once Jewish censorship AND genocide are put to bed once and for all.

    Blessed be the Lord my God, who teacheth my hands to fight, and my fingers to war. ~ Psalms 143:1 (Douay-Rheims)


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