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United Skanks of America
« on: August 04, 2010, 11:01:36 PM »
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  • The United Skanks of Amerika

    April 8, 2010 by jay008 4 Comments

    By: Jay Dyer (and M.B.)

    Amerika has become one, big, nasty, black metal mosh pit. Satan said to Adam and Eve “do what thou wilt,” Satanist Aleister Crowley said, “do what thou wilt” and the gospel of Amerika is “do what thou wilt.” The state religion is Crowleayanity and is an arcade that even atheists rightly mock. Churches are dominated by fat matriarchal women and ɧoɱosɛҳųαƖs. Women open their purses and the priests of Ashtoreth bow and tell them whatever they want to hear. John Hagee is the living patron saint of amerika. The daily ethos of our land is Freemasonic ritual psychodrama that has destroyed the remaining vestiges of innocence. The complete joke that is religion is itself corporatized – it’s a product. Priests and “pastors” even dress like CEOs. Amerika is a play land – a bigger, gαyer Disney world. It’s middle-aged moms on fαcebσσƙ, donning Montana garb. The nation is frozen in perpetual adolescence and αrrєѕтed development.

    Mainline “conservatism” in amerika is like anglicanism – a bunch of gαys wearing costumes. The Anglicans have collapsed and Amerika will follow suit like Anglicanism. Amerika is a perpetual halloween. How is it “conservatives” are rebuilding the very thing that caused all the problems? The gospel philosophy of Amerika is “do what thou wilt” – no true religion, no true Church and no absolute morals. Natural law theory is dead. Amerika is covenanted relativism. Amerika’s gospel is unrestrained capitalism. Classical libertarianism gave us monopolistic capitalism, which have given us McDonald’s and Sam’s Club. Amerikan “culture” is MTV and GMO food.
    Amerika exports Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. Our culture industry is one of pure, unrefined Satanism. We do not produce thinkers, we produce pedophiles and Marxists. Amero-Bapti-Catholic occulture is what has created these monstrosities. In Amerika, the false gospel is that “all men are created equal” and no one is better than another or successful, unless they learn to trick others. The only ones who rise to the top in an unrestrained capitalistic Mammon system are actors, and thus we worship actors. Amerika is become a skanky punk rock band.

    It’s about being cheap and finding immєdιαte in gratification – products are all cheap and free. Cheap sex, cheapened lives. On every corner is a little microcosm of Amerika – the gas station. Nasty food, urine and feces covered bathrooms, corn syrup and aspartame, fried trash, porn mags and plastic Amerikan flags made in ƈhıną. Researchers are too often caught up in the esoteric: this country is the Texaco on the corner. Started by a bunch of tee-totaler puritan gnostics, this nation has jumped to the opposite extreme and become a cess pool of flesh. In fact, in the East Coast punk scene, kids are now eating chunks of each others’ flesh. Let that sink in. In the West Coast gαy scene, it is now an honor to receive AIDS from trendy gαys. Las Vegas or San Francisco should be the capital of this country. Local southern towns now have burgeouning gαy communities. No wonder these people are diseased.

    Women of this country, especially young women, are perpetual princesses stuck in a perpetual mirror glance, coated in chemicals and striving for the most unnatural goals – to be a manwoman. For a sensible male to get with one of these creatures is in serious danger. But watch out – before long, they’ve left you for another woman and taken your fake Federal Reserve notes. They get half of your all-seeing eyes. Whores with your Horus. Dressed like complete whores, will they soon be completely naked? And while she’s doing that, her divorced parents are busy playing Nintendo and watching black guys throw a chunk of pigskin.

    Every isle of Wal-mart is Amerikan neighborhood in miniature. No tradition, no history, just gαys and Mexicans. Why pay for movies and entertainment, when you can go to Wal-mart to be entertained? The average twenty-something male is now a fat, gamer, feminized, emo freak, who spits every time he lisps, because he can’t form sentences. Amerika is Wal-mart – a zombie wonderland where there are endless isles of corporate corn syrup and aspartame.

    aMeriKa in Miniature

    The “wise men” of this culture are the Marxist, gαy, feminist, druid college professors, who, if they have children, drive them to white horror core rap concerts. Just like the sociology professor mom involved with Pyscho Sam whom her daughter met over Myspace. And parents can’t understand why their children shoot each other at school. The shoot one another at school because they are possessed by the demonic culture. And while you stupidly play golf and make scrapbooks, your kids are worshipping Lucifer, who, according to you, doesn’t exist.

    We kill babies, and we argue against the death penalty for serial killers. We kill children and we save the whales. We are green and purportedly concerned about the environment, yet we Zio-bσɱb great Arabic cultures for sludge to put in the local Texaco pumps. How’s that for monopolostic capitalistic corporatism? Our “missionaries” set up Jesus Camp. And we wonder why they do not like us.

    Parents now get angry at their children for reading too much. Grown men – baby-boomer dads – collect comics and play Dungeons & Dragons. And if they don’t, they stare at pixelated football and the Maso-kabbalist videodrome complex. Illusion is reality. We don’t have family histories or any concept of propagating culture and tradition because there is no culture or tradition. The family is more or less gone.

    Amerika is just this – Chuck E. Cheese speeding at you on a Harley, holding Crowley’s Magick in Theory and Practice,with Jenna Jameson mounted on the back. What is evil and rebellious is even fake – just look at the Madison Avenue manufactured youth culture. Son and daughter are busy being androgynous while dads can pretend they’re hell’s angels bikers on Harleys to fulfill their most ridiculous fantasies. Amerika is a cartoon. Amerika is Jackass. Amerika is a dude riding off a building on a skateboard in his underwear into a pile of Red 40 and corn syrup.

    Crowley said this was the era of the crowned and conquering child: The era of youth-perpetuated counter-civilization. Isaiah said women and children rule in apostasy. The family is now become stay-at-home dads that care for the 1.3 kids, while moms climb the skyscraper and has sex with the CEO for more fake fed notes. If it’s not this, it’s “my two dads.” All upper middle class whites want bigger screens, and that’s their joy. Life, liberty and the pursuit of more pixels. Hulu youtube Xbox fαcebσσƙ all traffic in the non-real, and we export all of this because we’re “of God.” But not only are we “of God,” now we are gods.

    Actual reality is putting sludge in a metal box so we can fly around and spead more freakdom across the world through fake Fed notes in othe nations. Amerika is krunk. Amerika is funk. Amerika is junk. Amerika is Lil’ Jon having sex with Lady Liberty. Amerika’s worldview is Joel Osteeenism. Amerikan religious mystical experience is charismatic gibberish and Tim LaHaye’s fictional “rapture.” Amerikan art is blobs of paint on a canvas. Amerikan music is Marilyn Manson. Amerikan architecture is unitarian F. Lloyd Wright and communistic Bauhaus.

    If you want to be a policeman you’ve basically got to be down with Masonry. If you’re a schoolteacher, you have to teach kids to draw pictures of a communist liberation theology heretic like M.L.K., Jr. A doctor no longer takes the hippocratic oath and often must perform abortions. If they don’t, doctors are pill and mercury ναccιnє peddlers. Everyone’s on pills, in Brave New World fashion.

    Rationalism is what birthed this country, but it morphed into utter irrationality. Thomas Paine became Spongebob and Spongebob is Thomas Paine. The average Amerikan can no longer put a sentence together and has never read a book.

    In public school, we were told there was good and bad. There are all these standards and fears of detention and getting a bad grade. But in the real world – the work world – the opposite is true. Public school is a a complete joke. That any parent would put their children in public school is a sign of apparent hatred of their kids. Why would anyone put their kids in a government re-education camp? Public schools are prisons where the teachers screw students and students get doped up on pills become ɧoɱosɛҳųαƖ.

    So what does this all mean? What is the answer? The first step is seeing that what we’ve been told is a lie and even the means by which we receive information are lies. Rupert Murdoch supports the cap and trade carbon tax, but on Fox News we hear that it’s bad. Murdoch, through NewsCorp’s ownership of Harper Collins, Zondervan and Avon (and many other publishing arms), prints both Satanic and Christian titles. This is revelation of the method double mind. It’s playing both sides of the pillars of the Kabballah. Its the false left-right paradigm.

    And Amerika is the incarnation of the false left-right paradigm. It’s only in a monopolistic capitalistic system, all a result of Lucifer’s Enlightenment, that Ruport Murdoch could be. And the Amerikan system protects and provides the context for a man to promote both Satanism and Christianity, because God purportedly has nothing to do with the government. The only connection “god” has to civil order, we are told, is that of “natural law.” But natural law divorced from God’s law is meaningless and has no content. In this nation, Satanism is a 501c3 tax exempt “church” on par with Jesus and Buddha. And that is the real meaning of “Amerikan freedom” – polytheism. The god of the country is no longer “natural theology’s” deistic Masonic theism, it’s Mammon – an actual demon. The prosperity preachers, Amerikan state religionists, are servants of the demon Mammon.
    Image of the Demon Mammon

    Since we will not have God’s law, we have man’s law. And man’s law is tyranny and oppression. “Natural law” is really a means for autonomous men to invent whatever they want. Natural law has come to mean the “right” to worship Lucifer, Pan or Jesus. And deluded neo-cons still imagine this is “God’s country.” If kings and leaders will not serve the Lord, they will perish (Ps. 2). “Christians” who support the notion of anitnomianism and the idea that there is a “secular realm” where God isn’t Lord are furthering the plots of the Freemasons, Satanists, ɧoɱosɛҳųαƖs and Wiccans.

    Amerikan Christianity is almost completely a sham. Few and far between are those who have a clue what the Ten Commandments are, much less what is found in Proverbs or Isaiah. When Josiah discovered the Law of God, he expelled the ritual fαɢɢօts from Israel. We should do the same, since our government is full of ritual ɧoɱosɛҳųαƖ prostitutes. Our nation is no different than Old Testament Israel. The leaders are literally Masonic occultists who worship false gods. God has rejeced this country because of polytheism – because this country does not want the one true God. Instead, it wants to believe ridiculous heresies and demons. Hollywood, the mєdια, television and Rothschild-owned bookstores proffer everything from an occult, pagan worldview. The proof that we have the truth is that when people reject the Law of God, the society collapses. Their system is self-destructive.

    “The commandment is a lamp and the law is a light; reproofs of instruction are the way of life.” -Prov. 6:23
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    United Skanks of America
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  • Chilling, but partially true.
    Please pray for the repose of her soul.

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    United Skanks of America
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  • Quote from: Matthew
    The United Skanks of Amerika

    April 8, 2010 by jay008 4 Comments

    By: Jay Dyer (and M.B.)

    Thanks Matthew, I'll be passing this masterpiece on to friends.


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