Author Topic: Training clerks to look for terrorists  (Read 456 times)

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Training clerks to look for terrorists
« on: April 15, 2007, 08:04:35 AM »
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  • Hey, I always buy "toiletries in bulk" -- they last a long time, and I don't like shopping. So now I'd be suspected of terrorism?

    MI5 Trains Supermarket Checkout Staff
    April 14th, 2007

    Via: The Independent:

    Supermarket checkout staff are being trained by the security services in how to detect potential terrorists. MI5 has been secretly advising food retailers, including Asda and Tesco, on how to identify extremist shoppers.

    Measures include increasing CCTV in underground carparks to prevent bomb attacks and being alert to mass purchases of mobile phones, which can be used as bomb detonators. The awareness training for staff also covers bulk sales of toiletries which could be used as the basic ingredient in explosives.
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