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Author Topic: To those who believe in the Moon Landings  (Read 2472 times)

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Re: To those who believe in the Moon Landings
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  • According to this, from First Man: The Life of Neil Armstrong, by James R. Hansen:

    Armstrong sent the birthday card and letter on to NASA’s associate administrator for policy
    and plans. “Has NASA ever refuted the allegations or assembled information to be used in
    rebuttal? I occasionally am asked questions in public forums and feel I don’t do as good a
    job as I might with more complete information,” said Neil. Subsequently, in 2002, NASA
    commissioned distinguished space writer and veteran UFO debunker James Oberg to write a
    30,000-word monograph refuting the notion that the Apollo program was a hoax. After
    news of the plan for Oberg’s book hit the papers, however, NASA quickly reversed course,
    judging that not even a judicious, well-argued refutation could successfully achieve its
    intended effect.
    Longer excerpt here:

    Jewgling "hoax" will get hits.


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