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The World Avoids Israel...
« on: August 22, 2006, 06:32:29 PM »
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  • the world avoids Israel like the plague

    Israel has established itself as the premier international leper state - no longer in Arab eyes only.
    The recent Locarno Film Festival dropped Israel as the co-sponsor of one of the programs because of the retaliatory bombing against Hizbullah targets in Lebanon. Lebanese and other Arabs filmmakers protested Israel's participation in the Swiss event. Israel was listed as a co-sponsoring the Leopards of Tomorrow program.

    Organizers of the Edinburgh International Film Festival have also cancelled Israeli Embassy sponsorship of their program and returned the Israeli check following a protest. The Edinburgh branches of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the Stop the War Coalition had planned to picket all major film festival events if the link with Israel had been maintained.
    And earlier this month, in a perhaps less insulting, but more politically significant move, Costa Rica moved its embassy back to Tel-Aviv from Jerusalem.

    Tisk, tisk. Their house of illegitimate cards built on Arab blood falls apart before their eyes.

    When this whole thing started in Lebanon last month, I predicted it was the beginning of the end for Israel. Was I right, or what?

    Now's the time, if you're an uncommitted Zionist, to bail out while you still can.
    Please pray for the repose of her soul.


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