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Synagogue Rising
« on: May 14, 2012, 07:44:45 AM »
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    APRIL 30, 2012.
    Synagogue Rising
    Catholic Clergy and Laity on 4 Continents Have
    Encouraged/Supported the Writing of this Book
          “Synagogue Rising may well be the best book ever written on the subject.” – U.S.A.  
          “I was extremely impressed by the amount of serious scholarship and documentation.  I ardently hope that this book is well received by the Church Militant, what remains of it, and by many others as well…” – U.S.A.
          “AWESOME BOOK!  I anticipate this writing inspiring the uninspired!   It’s one of those rarest of literary works that reaches deep down into the soul of Christian manhood – and refuses to let go!” – Australia
          “We stand with you in your heroic work.  Your book will help re-energize the Church Militant in her age-old fight against Pharisaic intrigues, a crucial fight from which loyal Catholics should never have retreated.” – Mexico      
          “Mr. Akins:  The sample chapters you entrusted to me are excellent – well researched and skillfully composed; yours is a brilliant testimonium of Catholic Action and the Counterrevolution.  You speak many truths here; hard truths that I fear not many Catholics will readily embrace (i.e. Church and nations fighting to survive the tyranny of a Serpent Cult), and which may bring the wrath of the enemy down upon you.  I hope I am wrong, and will be praying for your safety as well as for the book’s widest possible readership.  This book certainly DESERVES to be widely read.” –  U.S.A.
          “Now I know what a Catholic worldview means, what the Catholic counterrevolution entails, and how exactly Satan destroys Church, state and civilization.  Synagogue Rising is the heavy artillery of the Catholic Resistance.” – New Zealand
          “Here’s the book that braves exposing the mother of all conspiracies; the book that others did not have the faith and fortitude to write, and the courage to put their name to.  With such an exemplary and virile example, us Irishmen can do no less than  put shoulder to task in giving your book a hardy (and hearty) boost.”  – Ireland
          “Reading so many intelligible and profound passages from the pontifical letters, I realize how incomplete my seminary training and post-seminary studies really were.  The Magisterium has spoken, but we have not heard.  We might as well have turned a deaf ear to the Master Himself.  You’ve made your point quite convincingly: no matter how much spiritual good the traditional movement has done, we have our failings – some quite serious.  The City is being overrun because there were strategic fortifications we left unguarded, or battles we simply did not see fit to fight.  Your book, it seems to me, represents the Church’s last-ditch attempt to mount one final all-out counter-attack, the outcome of which will extend into eternity for countless millions of souls.  I commend and I thank you, and send my priestly blessings upon your labors for Christ.” – U.S.A.      
          “We are disheartened by traditionalists who fear the Jews more than they fear God.  They cannot wish-away the Mystery of Iniquity, no matter how much they may want to.  Albeit, our hope has been restored with the announcement that your book – a tremendous work-in-progress – is soon to be made available.” – Canada  
          “What you have written is as a fire that burns bright in the darkness of these irreligious times; it’s too important not to share with non-English-speaking Catholics.  Let us discuss the possibility of a Spanish translation.” – Argentina
         “This long anticipated soon-to-be-published book, Synagogue Rising, is destined to become an instant underground best-seller among Catholics who refuse to surrender to the spirit of the age.” – Rome
         “News of your book has given us cause to rejoice.  We of today’s Sorrowful, Persecuted and Forgotten Church look upon this book as a ray of light in this vale of despair – thanking God the Church Militant lives on.  We await its publication with much prayer, anticipation and hope, trusting in the boundless mercy of the Lord to reach out from the Tabernacle to bless your work and give you long-lasting strength to carry the torch of truth, and to deliver His Church Suffering from the present evil.” – an Israeli-occupied former Catholic village in the Holy Land      
          “I think this gutsy writer is nothing less than the conscience of contemporary Catholicism.  We’d be foolish to ignore the important message he brings us.” – <¿¿>Canada
         “With Synagogue Rising our hope is renewed in building the last line of defense of the City of God.” – Brazil
    Single copy - $39.95;  5 copies - $37.95 ea.;  10 - $35.95 ea.;
    25 - $29.95 ea.;  100 - $25.95 per book
    Standard discounts to Booksellers
    Postage & Handling: 18% of purchase; $4.99 minimum.
    Canada: 22%; $10 min.  Foreign: 38%; $18 min.
    Pay online by PayPal or credit card, or by mail with check or money order.
    How You Can Help Spread the Word About
    Synagogue Rising
    Introduce the book in person to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, fellow-parishioners and acquaintances in general;
    Hand them a flyer, direct them to our website, forward our promotional material via e-mail, etc.;
    Purchase extra copies to give to others as gifts;
    Taking advantage of the publisher’s bulk discount, purchase in quantity to re-sell at a profit;
    Recommend the book on Catholic blogs, chat rooms and other online Catholic, Christian and patriotic social network forums;
    Forward our video clip highlighting the book’s general theme (coming soon) to contacts, e-mail lists or other online sites;
    Give a copy to your pastor, asking for his feedback and permission to sell it in the parish bookstore.  Be sure to give him a copy of the promotional piece, “Catholic Clergy From 3 Continents Endorse Synagogue Rising” (it is coming soon and will be printable from our website);
    Also encourage your bookstore manager to stock and sell it at the church and parish events;
    Promote, distribute and sell copies “underground” if permission to sell at your parish is declined (the truth must never be stifled, even in cases where ignorance, indifference or fear prevail);
    Write a 1-3 page review summarizing some of the most important chapters;  this can be submitted to any appropriate religious publication;
    Send a letter-to-the editor, a copy of our Press Release or a simple “event” announcement concerning the book’s debut to any Catholic periodical or online site.  The New Oxford Review, The Remnant, Catholic Family News, The Fatima Center are among the dozens of publications/organizations that may feature  events post services through which Synagogue Rising may reach every broader Catholic audiences;
    Urge other Catholic organizations, apostolates, book distributors to promote or carry it;
    Ask your local public library to add the book to its inventory;
    Make it the topic of discussion at your parish book club, study circle, adult catechism class.
    Single copy - $39.95;  5 copies - $37.95 ea.;  10 - $35.95 ea.;
    25 - $29.95 ea.;  100 - $25.95 per book
    Standard discounts to Booksellers
    Postage & Handling: 18% of purchase; $4.99 minimum.
    Canada: 22%; $10 min.  Foreign: 38%; $18 min.
    U.S. currency payable on U.S. banks only.



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