Author Topic: SSPX sellout to New-Rome World War 3  (Read 754 times)

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SSPX sellout to New-Rome World War 3
« on: June 20, 2012, 09:32:14 AM »
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  • I found an interesting post on another forum. Since I believe it's a clever posting, I would like to copy it to Cathinfo. Introducing picture chosen by me.

    By Cantatedomino, 19 Jun 2012, 13:43

    Now please don't call me a Mayan calendar believer because I am not such. But there is a reason for the 2012 hype, and that reason lies deep in the bowels of freemasonic lore.

    Many Catholics understand that during the Renaissance and subsequent periods, fallen angels gave to evil men information about the natural world, which jump-started modern chemistry and electronics, and the technological prison system that now obscures from the sight of men the rhythms and cycles and revelations of nature that God intended for our use and profit.

    [The freemasons themselves termed this period of their sojourning with devilish masters "the Enlightenment." Dr. John Dee and Sir Francis Bacon are the "founding fathers" of this period. Freemasons worship the devil under the name Lucifer, or light-bearer. The term "enlightenment" refers to the revelation, by evil angels, of scientific knowledge that is not beneficial for man to possess. This knowledge operates only to further enslave man to satan.]

    Mankind no longer benefits from the natural order, as he once did. Our food, our medicine, our lifestyle - everything is poisoned. Man has been separated from the Creature and placed in an artificial realm that denatures and enervates his mind, soul, and body. This comes from evil angels working in conjunction with infidel men - which is actually the practical definition of freemasonry.

    Consequently, there is no reason for us to rule out the possibility that freemasonry, still receiving instruction from fallen angels (and now pregnant with weapons of mass destruction that would wither the innards of even the most brave heart - weapons that manipulate the ionosphere, the sub-subterranean fault system, global weather, and the magnetic field), has devised an armageddon-like plan to usher in the New World Order through the means of massive depopulation and bloody revolution throughout the world, and especially in Europe and North America.

    This is the fruit of the popes ignoring the dire warnings and directives of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Her terrible words will come true, because, like Her Son, She can neither deceive nor be deceived.

    So, like you Baldwin and like many others, I do expect a murdered pope in the not too distant future.

    And what about 2012? Well, Baldwin, you said you had thoughts on the relationship between the war scenario and the SSPX-Rome "dialogue." I have some thoughts too, although they are far from gelled. Yet I wouldn't be surprised, since you are pro-accord, if our respective thoughts were divergent.

    In any case, I will share with you some preliminary ideas to get the discussion started.

    I wrote to a priest the other day, who is still operating inside the structure. My relationship with him is not what I would call strained at this point, but it is stressed by the fact that he and I now find ourselves on opposite sides of the great divide separating pro-accord types from anti-accord types. We've been going back and forth a great deal lately.

    Here's what I wrote him yesterday (with edits to remove text that reveals the personal nature of the correspondence):

    "What +Tissier said to the ordinands should ring in the ears of every cleric in the Church. This war is not just for SSPX’ers. This is everyone's war. This is our war. God will have it no other way than that each and every one of us takes a side. Who is on the Lord’s side? That is how God is, how God was, and how God will be - yesterday, today, and forever.

    Every one of us should be on his knees thanking God for this chance to undergo the trial of his faith, before the great and terrible day of the vengeance of God. Remember that we believe that something big, bad, and terrible is coming to the world, as the long-expected punishment for and washing away of the blasphemy, sacrilege, apostasy, revolution, and moral depravity that now gluts the Earth.

    Consider this possibility: God will have every Catholic choose his side BEFORE the great day of wrath. This choice that we make will have a determinative bearing on how we emerge from the tribulation – either with our robes cleansed in the Blood of the Lamb, or as abandoned and reprobated by God.

    No man can serve two masters. This is Our Lord’s teaching on the spirit of compromise, which now animates even the remnant of Tradition. I tell you that compromisers will not gain the palm and the crown in the coming day of wrath. Only those who are hot, as Our Lord says in the Apocalypse, will go to Heaven. Only those who lay down their life for the brotherhood will take it back up again.

    Many are on the precipice. Many have chosen God’s side, but not completely. Mark my words: God wants more from every Catholic. God will ask each Catholic to make his choice with clear, unequivocal firmness. He will ask them to seal themselves in the great sacrifice, the great immolation, the great holocaust of their faith. The time is fast coming when modernist rome will require that every man make his choice between faith and authority.

    That is the choice that awaits every one of us. None of us will escape it. Men have dissolved what God hath joined, and God will now ask men to serve Him by their recognition of the highest of these two principles. God will allow Catholics to be backed into a corner and forced to declare for one or the other, because the trial of our faith is now upon us. Whom He loveth, He chastiseth. Whom He loveth, his faith He trieth.

    We study the revolution, and so we understand that authority without truth scorches the Earth, making it as barren as a salted field. Authority in the service of evil effectuates only the field of blood, the halcedama. We are not free to choose raw authority over Faith. That is not liberty. That is license. If the two have been unlawfully dissolved, then we must serve Faith, waiting for its reunification with authority.

    This is like the death of a man, whose highest principle, the soul, is dissolved from the body, the lower principle. The separated spiritual substance longs for and awaits its recomposition with the material principle. But while it waits, it operates according to the highest principle, the spirit, performing only simple, non-composite acts.

    Those who choose authority over Faith take the mark of the beast into their palm. Those who choose authority over Faith are affirming, implicitly, like the filthy Egyptians, that the life principle remains with the corpse after death. Those who choose authority over Faith choose mummification, and the stench of paganism, rather than Eternal Life: In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men. And the Light shineth in darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it."

    So, Mr. Baldwin, the fact the the SSPX and apostate rome have set their nuptials for the year 2012 does not escape me.


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