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Sermon on the antichrist
« on: November 15, 2013, 06:24:23 AM »
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    Sermon on the antichrist
    « Reply #1 on: November 15, 2013, 09:07:08 AM »
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    This is a great sermon by Fr. John O'Connor.  Squarely founded on
    Catholic Tradition.

    Uploaded on 30 Jul 2011

    Listen to this riveting 1986 speech given by now deceased Priest John O'Conner exposing Benjamin Creme, Maitreya, Freemasonry, Global elite, Antichrist communist movement, new age occult practices, church infiltration of the homosexual movement, the Federal Reserve and more. After this speech O'Conner was ORDERED to under go a psychological evaluation and then later dismissed from the church!

    This video describes the climatic end of the world as predicted in the bible. It also exposes the Federal Reserve Bank, Nazi Germany, Homosexuals in the church and why the sex abuse went on. Exposes how the church was infiltrated by evil people. discusses the devil, the Antichrist and much more! Find out where all of our Gold went? It has been stolen by the elite bankers and federal reserve bank. This film is very similar to what Alex Jones and Aaron Russo have uncovered, but this video was back around 1987. This also talks about mind control manipulation, and satantic possession of the devil himself. This exposes the new world order.
    This video is both poilitcal and religious. the illuminati exposed, cults exposed, adolf hitler catholics, atheists, jews, muslims, satanists. priests, the president, obama, hillary clinton, president bush, gold and silver, money, dollar bills



        Standard YouTube Licence

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    Sermon on the antichrist
    « Reply #2 on: November 15, 2013, 06:07:16 PM »
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    It's a production of Keep the Faith, and has a duration of
    1:50:00 so it's not a "sermon" but a sort of special
    event speech which was given in Detroit at a NovusOrdo
    parish church.  

    I hope that some members here can identify this church,
    and report whether it has been remodeled inside since this
    talk by Fr. John O'Connor was given, 26 years ago.  A lot
    can change in 26 years!  
    The camera takes different angles and fades into various
    other scenes inside this church while the talk progresses,
    and you can get looks at the altar, the windows, the
    sanctuary, the pews and even a bit of the ceiling at
    various points in the video.

    .--. .-.-.- ... .-.-.- ..-. --- .-. - .... . -.- .. -. --. -.. --- -- --..-- - .... . .--. --- .-- . .-. .- -. -.. -....- -....- .--- ..- ... - -.- .. -.. -.. .. -. --. .-.-.

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    Sermon on the antichrist
    « Reply #3 on: November 16, 2013, 03:29:17 AM »
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    This is 2013, and one sermon (actually it was two, but who's counting?)
    by Msgr. Perez raises a few eyebrows.  So what else is new?  

    Twenty-seven years ago, one Fr. John O'Connor gave a similar talk about
    the Antichrist that raised a few eyebrows at the time.  By today's
    standards, it was a pretty tame presentation.  But it got him in trouble.
    He was a parish priest in Detroit, Michigan in 1986, and if you don't recall,
    that was the year of Assisi I.  After Fr. O'Connor gave this sermon on
    the Antichrist, he was shipped off to a "psychiatric evaluation" by which
    the NovusOrdo regime finds some other reason to accuse their more
    traditional priests of being unfit for the occupation of serving a parish,
    or whatever it is they have in mind from which they'd like to remove him.

    While Fr. O'Connor has it wrong here in a few points (he dares to predict
    what would happen within the following 14 years and those events did
    not in fact take place, such as WWIII), he is nonetheless correct in a lot
    of other things (categorically in all the historical items he mentions).

    And just as today Fr. O'Connor is vindicated in this speech from the
    perspective of Traditional Catholics looking back 26 years, so too will
    Msgr. Perez be vindicated in the future, when we look back at his talk
    on the same topic.  BTW, in the sermon of Msgr. Perez that I heard
    (this thread is about the Antichrist) he did not say that Obama is "the"
    Antichrist but rather that his name curiously fits Scriptural prophesy
    in far more ways than could possibly be by mere chance, and that as
    such, we are ever closer to how the real Antichrist will one day fulfill
    all of the prophesies.  Furthermore, while such fulfillment will be a
    thing that is easy to discern by those with eyes to see and ears to
    hear, nonetheless the vast majority of mankind will be blind and
    deaf to the truth of God, and therefore will not be able to understand
    that they are living through the reign of Antichrist.

    Here is a partial transcript of the talk of Fr. John O'Connor from 1986:


    starting at minute 14:00

    Even Christ recognizes satan as the king of evil and infernal cunning.
    ...uses every means and all forms to destroy faith and morality. This
    was spoken 45 years ago, long before abortion, a million and a
    half babies every year in the United States, 55 million abortions
    throughout the world!  This was before drugs became a pandemic
    in the United States, before pornography, before child abuse, before
    homosexuality and all those other perversions that are spreading like
    like a melanoma cancer throughout the world.

    Satan, the pontiff warned us, uses all forms to destroy faith and
    morality.  And finally, he concluded, God and the evil one, have
    come to grips in a gigantic duel, a battle, the most ferocious, the
    most bitter the world has ever known, has been joined, and you
    and our fellow Catholics throughout the world are now locked in
    this battle that is the most bitter and the most ferocious the world
    has ever seen.  

    Just about a hundred years ago, the then-reigning pontiff Leo XIII
    was finishing Mass in the morning, and he had a vision, and he saw
    satan standing before Christ enthroned in the tabernacle.  And
    satan was boasting.  He said, "Within a hundred years, I will
    destroy your Church!"  Leo XIII was so shaken, that he fell to his
    knees.  He had to be assisted into the sacristy by his assistants.
    As soon as he was composed, this is when he sat down and
    composed that beautiful prayer to Saint Michael that WE USED TO
    SAY after every Low Mass, to defend the Church, and to defend us,
    in this hour of battle.  What a good thing it would be if each of us
    were to start saying that prayer again, every day.

    [At the time of this speech, in 1986, a number of good priests who
    had been expelled from their orders or from their chancery offices
    (not unlike how XSPXSGBF has been expelling good priests), had
    continued to pray these "Leonine Prayers" -- and this too would
    happen to Fr. O'Connor not long after this speech.]

    Yet, the prophet Dan in the Old Testament, chapter 12 verse 10,
    he warned that when the great Antichrist finally did appear in
    the world scene, the vast majority of mankind would be caught
    totally unaware that his reign was beginning.  Indeed, St. Paul
    tells us in his first letter to the Thessalonians, that the beginning
    of the reign of the Antichrist would actually be hailed by most
    people as the dawn of a new era of peace and security.  

    The main question that I would like to address this afternoon is:

    How can we recognize the Antichrist should he come within the
    lifetime of most of us here, how can we recognize him?

    What are the marks, fortold in the Bible, by which we will know
    he is in fact, THE Antichrist?  And what will his reign over the world
    be like?  

    Both the Old and the New Testament contain many descriptions
    of the Antichrist and his reign, as well as Sacred Tradition, which
    has preserved for us the preaching of the Apostles, as recorded
    by the early Martyrs and Saints of the Church.

    In describing the Antichrist this afternoon and delineating his
    marks, I will be drawing from what is written in Holy Scripture
    and what can be found in the Sacred Tradition of the Church.

    The best overall description of the Antichrist is given by St. Paul,
    in his second letter to the Christians of Thessalonica, in Chapter
    Two.  This is what Paul said:  

    "Now, concerning the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ and our
    assembling to meet Him, that day will not come until the Apostacy
    comes first."  

    "Apostasy" is a Greek word that means a rebellion
    against Christ, a rejection of Christ, what we might call today
    "the death of God," complete rejection of God, rejection of His
    rights over us, over our government, over our social life.  And we
    are seeing this apostasy not only here in our beloved America,
    we're seeing it as an organized, formal revolt of Marxism, against
    Almighty God and His rights over the world.  And the reason
    these people want to KILL GOD, the reason these people are
    proclaiming the "death of God," is so they can take God's place!  
    So Paul continues:

    "That day will not come until the Apostasy comes first, and the
    man of sin is revealed.  The son of hell (Paul calls him) who will
    exault himself above every so-called god or object of worship,
    so that he takes his seat in the Temple of God, proclaiming
    himself to be God.  Do you not remember (Paul wrote), that when
    I was still with you I told you this, and you know, what is
    restraining him now."

    Paul didn't mention it in his letter, but we know what that
    obstacle is, from Sacred Tradition,
    about which Paul was
    speaking, that would restrain the reign of the Antichrist.  

    So Paul says:

    "You know what is restraining him now, so that he may be revealed
    in his own time, for the hidden power of sin is already at work,
    but he who now restrains him can do so only until he is removed,
    and then the lawless one will be revealed.  The coming of this
    lawless one will be by the working of satan, by all power by
    pretended signs and wonders."

    That is why we must be so careful today!  Especially by reported
    apparitions that have not been approved by the Magisterium.  Our
    Lord warned us in Matthew's Gospel that the devil will work such
    great signs and wonders so as to deceive EVEN THE ELECT,
    and lead them astray.  

    "With all power and pretended signs and wonders and with all
    wicked deception of those who are to perish, because they
    refuse to love the truth and be saved.  Therefore, God will send
    upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false,
    so that they may be condemned, who did not believe the truth,
    but took pleasure in sinful living."


    The reign of the Antichrist is a punishment from God, upon a
    sinful and rebellious mankind, because mankind did not
    worship his creator, because mankind is not greatful to almighty
    God for all His benefactions, because mankind is refusing to
    SERVE God, his punishment will be, that he must now serve the
    devil!  -and the devil's vicar on earth, the Antichrist himself.

    The restraining obstacle which previously held back the reign
    of the Antichrist, according to Sacred Tradition, was the Gentile
    occupation of Israel and the holy city of Jerusalem.  The
    Antichrist will become the supreme ruler of Israel, the state
    of Israel. This is what that acronym, or that number "666" means,
    that stands for the king, the ruler of the state of Israel.  Well, so
    long as Palestine and the city of Jerusalem were in Gentile
    control, it would be impossible for the Antichrist to be hailed
    as the King of Israel.  Indeed, it is the unanimous teaching of
    Sacred Tradition, the Fathers of the Church, that the Antichrist
    will be accepted as the "long-awaited Messiah" by the Jewish
    people.  And Our Lord warned them in the Fifth Chapter of
    John's Gospel, I came in my Father's name, and you did not
    receive me.  But another will come in his own name, and him
    you will receive.  

    Yes, because they rejected the true Messiah, they must now
    accept the false messiah, the Antichrist, as their savior.  That
    is why it was impossible for the Antichrist to appear before
    1967, when the Jews re-captured the holy city of Jerusalem.
    Indeed, it began in 1946, when they recovered part of the
    Holy Land and set up the new state of Israel, in 1946, and
    that's why a year later in his Easter message, Pope Pius XII
    said that the reign of the Antichrist could begin at any

    The Antichrist will suddenly make his appearance, on the
    world scene, emerging out of seeming obscurity.  Once again,
    satan who is the ape of God, will have his Antichrist be the
    ape of the true Christ.  Just as Our Lord had his hidden life for
    30 years in Nazareth, before he began his ministry, so the
    Antichrist will be hidden, and seemingly obscure, the early
    part of his life, and then, like the true Christ, he will suddenly
    appear on the world scene.  

    The Antichrist will be a man of unsurpassed ability.  He will
    emerge as a great world leader -- not by the sword, not by
    military means, but by diplomacy, by the eloqunce of his
    speech.  He will be a man of brilliant intelligence, having
    a solution to every human problem. He will have a
    mesmerizing eloquence that will stir vast crowds of people,
    bring them to their feet cheering, begging him to become
    the ruler of the world.  

    [In no small way, Obama fits in this description due to his
    inexplicable appeal to the voters of America -- why would
    anyone vote for this guy?  But they did.  Why would they
    be impressed with his speeches?  But they were.  Obama
    managed to speak from a teleprompter but that did not
    disturb the stupid voting public in this country.  And so we
    are being showed how the Antichrist will be able to sway
    vast throngs of people worldwide, just as Obama has made
    his appeal acceptable to so many today.  Obama is a TYPE
    OF the Antichrist.  He is given to us so as to WEAR OUT our
    sense of how ridiculous the Antichrist's contradiction of
    Our Lord will be, eventually.  We are being CONDITIONED
    to scoff at and to disregard the reasonable warnings of
    Catholic Tradition regarding the Antichrist.]

    An excellent example was the mini antichrist, Adolf Hitler.  
    Few people realize that Adolf Hitler came to power through
    the ballot box.  His Nazi party received the majority vote in
    a parliamentary election.  And therefore Hitler, who was the
    head of the party, was appointed the Chancellor of Germany,
    by President Hindenburg.  Then Hitler proceeded to take over
    Austria, he took over Czechoslovakia, he united Romania and
    Italy in his Axis powers.  

    Why will Antichrist be such a brilliant individual?  Because
    the Bible and the Fathers tell us, he will be totally and perfectly
    possessed by Lucifer himself.
     The Antichrist will actually be
    [Fr. means to say he will ACT AS] the person of Lucifer:  it will
    be a KIND of (re-incar...) incarnation on his part.  It won't be a
    TRUE incarnation.  This requires a divine power:  only God can
    become truly incarnate.  But Lucifer will so possess the body
    and soul and faculties of this human being, that the human
    person will be totally suppressed, in a state of complete
    unconsciousness, and it will be Lucifer, walking on this earth;  
    the lips that move will be human, but the voice speaking will be
    that of Lucifer himself.  And he will come upon this earth, finally,
    to reign over men, demanding that all bow down and worship
    him as God.  

    Again, we have an example in Adolf Hitler, who as a young
    man in Vienna, made a pact with the devil, to become the
    master of the world.  Adolf Hitler was possessed.  This is a
    matter of historical record.  This is why an individual of such
    mediocre talents -- he was a paperhanger;  he made his living
    by drawing postcards and selling them to tourists in Vienna,
    and yet he became the master of practically all of Europe, a
    man of mesmerizing eloquence.  He hypnotized vast throngs
    of party members, who after each speech would jump to their
    feet, shouting and yelling, "Heil, Hitler, heil Hitler!"  Well, that
    was the demon who had possessed Hitler, and was ruling

    Adolf Hitler made his officers in his SS take an oath to Lucifer.  

    You know when our officers liberated Europe and they opened
    up the gates to these extermination camps, they couldn't
    believe it.  They simply could not believe how human beings
    could be so cruel, could commit such atrocities.  Well, they
    weren't human beings!  They were devils, in total possession
    of Hitler and his SS, who were capable of such viciousness
    and brutality.  Well, when the Antichrist comes, he too
    will be possessed by Satan, and so will most of his minions.

    Naziism was a preview of coming attractions, of what the
    reign of the Antichrist will be like.  

    [Demonic] possession is not at all like that movie, "The
    Antichrist" [Fr. O'Connor means "The Exorcist."]  That was
    hyped-up and glamorized by Hollywood. They wanted to
    make a horror picture, and I'm personally convinced that
    Lucifer is already the chairman of the board in Hollywood!

    He's the one who's calling the shots there today.  And so,
    perhaps he wanted this hyped-up, sensationalized movie,
    to deceive people, about what possession is really like.  
    It's not like that at all ----[recording skips unknown amount
    of time, camera angle changes]. 33:20

    ----Who also was possessed.  And this priest, in
    following the spirituality of the divine milieu, the
    phenomenon of man, this poor priest got himself possessed,
    under the control of a demon, and was TOTALLY unaware of
    it.  And the irony of the situation was, that the priest who
    was appointed by the bishop to exorcise him was ALSO
    possessed!  And he didn't know it, either!  And he had
    been his professor in the seminary, the exorcist, and who had
    introduced this young priest into Teilhard de Chardin.  
    And through following his spirituality and his ideas (Chardin's)
    even the exorcist discovered that he had fallen under the
    mind control of satan.  

    There are various degrees of possession.  It doesn't take
    place all at once.  It begins with Ouija board, or Tarot cards
    or fortune tellers, or, it begins with Astrology.  That's when we
    first open the door to satan in our lives.  

    He (satan) avoids this bizarre behavior that we saw in the movie,
    "The Exorcist" [not 'the Antichrist', as Fr. said previously],
    because he doesn't want people to know he's there!  He
    doesn't want even his victim to discover that he is gradually
    taking over his or her life.  He knows that the first thing they'll
    do is go call an exorcist, and that's the LAST person in the
    world he wants to see!  And there are various degrees of
    possession, until you reach that perfect degree, we saw in
    the instance of Adolf Hitler, where a demon is able to
    imitate perfectly the personality of his human victim, whose
    own consciousness is completely suppressed.  

    And according to Marylin Furgesson in her book on the
    NewAge movement, The Aquarian Conspiracy, and of course,
    according to your own Mrs. Constance Comby here in Detroit,
    there are far more people possessed today than we realize.


    All these new methods of meditation, "Eastern spirituality,"
    are really short courses in how to get yourself possessed!  
    Transcendental Meditation, EST - Erhardt Seminar [Sensitivity]
    Training, Silva Mind Control, biofeedback, Yoga, stress-
    management programs techniques, NewAge sprituality, the
    mind sciences, anchor holes, which is being introduced as
    a form of spirituality among Catholics, A Course in Miracles
    -- all of these, are methods to get one's self under the control
    of a demon.  

    Silva Mind Control -- I can speak from experience.  I started to
    take his program.  I was talked into it by another priest.  They
    don't tell you from the beginning, that eventually they're
    going to have you communicating with higher intelligences
    from 'outer space'.  


    This is all part of the Occult:  you're not told in the beginning
    what you're getting into, until finally you reach a point, I'm
    afraid, where it's too late.  Well, one weekend of that, and I got
    as far away from those people as I could get!  

    Fr. Matthew Fox, a Dominican, has established out in California
    his Center for Creation, "Centered Spirituality."  This is simply
    another technique to get one's self possessed.  This is why
    he brings in people like Star Hawk, a registered witch!  -to
    teach in his program.  It's basically a reversion to paganism,
    a nature worship, a worship of creation, and that is the very
    trap into which Teilhard de Chardin himself fell.  

    37:11 [scene from pews and windows]

    According to a recent Gallup poll, at least 10 million
    Americans have dabbled in this Eastern mysticism, and are
    in some degree, in diabolical possession.

    [It seems what Fr. means is that the poll says 10 million have
    dabbled in Eastern mysticism;  and then it is his assessment
    of this poll that therefore those people are in some small
    degree, or perhaps greater degree, in diabolical possession.]

    Well, these are the "shock troops," the advance troops of the
    Antichrist, who will be marshalled under his flag, when he
    unleashes his reign of terror on the earth.  

    The Bible tells us that the Antichrist will have complete
    control of all the real wealth of the earth.  Daniel Chapter
    Twelve tells us that he shall have control of the riches of
    gold and silver.  I'm sure there's some here this afternoon
    who can remember when we had gold and silver coins.  
    That's real money, because it has a real, intrinsic value.  
    I remember when I was a youngster, even a dollar bill;  
    sometimes I would receive one for a birthday, as you can
    imagine -- as a youngster, I would examine it very carefully.  
    I would always notice it used to say, "redeemable in silver
    from the United States Treasury."  [Actually it says, Payable
    to the bearer on demand in silver.]  

    But if you examine a dollar bill lately, you will notice it no
    longer says that.  Instead, it's called a Federal Reserve Note.
    All real money was taken from us, at least the gold, in 1932
    by Franklin Delano Rosavelt, and our silver was taken from
    us by [Richard Milhaus] Nixon in 1971.  And in it's place was
    issued this paper money, which has no intrinsic value [it is
    actually a Non-Negotiable Note of Debt].  As it itself says, it
    is a Federal Reserve Note, and a 'note' is legal jargon for an
    I.O.U. [I owe you].  It's really just a piece of paper.  No, all
    real wealth has been taken from the American people, and
    concentrated in the hands of the minions of the Antichrist.  
    They say even our gold at Fort Knox is no longer there.  It's
    all been assembled in deep vaults in Geneva, Switzerland.

    So just what is this piece of paper worth?  It's not worth
    silver anymore.  It's not worth gold.  Well, it's worth whatever
    the Federal Reserve says it's worth.  By printing more of them,
    as they did during the presidency of Jimmy Carter [and they
    are doing once again under Obama!], they decreased its
    value.  The more dollars there were, the less each was worth.
    Or, they can print less of them, they can constrict the money
    supply.  They can call these in on loans.  And then they can
    cause a Depression.  

    Mr. Alan Greenspan who presently is the chairman of the
    Federal Reserve Board (this is 1987), he wrote an article in
    1958, and he said that the Federal Reserve manipulation of
    the currency in the 1920's is what brought on the stock
    market crash of 1929.  And, Mr. Greenspan says, "caused"
    the American economy to collapse.  All the Fed has to do, is
    to call in its loans (holding up a dollar bill), and limit the
    money supply.  Well, this is when brokers then have to call
    in loans that they've made to their clients.  This is when
    clients have to go out and sell their watches, or cars, or rings,
    or whatever they can, to pay off the brokers. And this causes
    a chain reaction in a nation, and this is what brought about
    the great crash of 1929 and the Great Depression of the
    1930's.  Our lives, our fortunes and our honor today are at the
    mercy of the Federal Reserve Board [which is a private
    corporation, and is not "federal" and has no "reserve"].  

    And I suppose most of you think it's just another government
    agency.  The Federal Reserve system is no more part of
    our federal government than is Federal Express, the overnight
    package delivery people, or the Federal Dry Cleaners.  The
    Federal Reserve system is a private corporation owned by
    private individuals.  It is a secret corporation.  It is so secret,
    it is the only corporation in America that does not have
    to publish the names of its principal stockholders.  Every
    other business corporation in our nation has to have on file
    a list of its principal stockholders that are open to public
    inspection.  The only private corporation that doesn't have to
    do this is the Federal Reserve system, so we don't even know
    who owns it.  It's the most secret, mysterious corporation
    in America.  And it's probably owned by the international
    bankers:  by the Rothchilds and the Warburgs and the other
    international bankers, to whom we American taxpayers
    owe the National Debt!  

    You know, sometimes the press will tell us, "Don't worry
    about the National debt, we owe it to ourselves!"  Well, if
    we owe that national debt to ourselves, why do we have
    to pay $100 billion a year in interest on it?  No, that national
    debt is owned by international bankers.  And this is how
    the Antichrist will gain control of the world.  

    As Myre Anchill (?) the founder of the Rothchild banking
    dynasty said, "I don't care who makes your laws. Just let me
    print your money."  Because he who prints the money controls
    the economy, controls the nation, and even controls the
    Congress that makes the laws.  

    The Federal Reserve system is so secret you cannot even audit
    it.  Now, every corporation in America is open to audit by the
    federal government.  In 1978 a Congressman introduced a
    law in Congress to audit the Federal Reserve -- it's never been
    audited.  And he wanted to find out what they're doing with all
    our money, and why they've imposed this tremendous debt on
    the American people.  By the time that law got through Congress
    and was passed, it said just the opposite:  the Federal Reserve
    may NOT be audited!  That tells you the control that the
    Federal Reserve has over our Congress, that it can take a law
    introduced by a Congressman, and make it come through [saying]
    exactly opposite of what was intended!

    The Federal Reserve is part of that great deception of which
    St. Paul spoke in his letter to the Thessalonians, in other words,
    it's a central bank that controls all the other banks in our
    country.  And did you know that a central bank is the third
    plank of the Communist Manifesto,
    written by Karl Marx in 1848,
    nearly 150 years ago [now it's 165 years ago!]?  If you have
    never read the Communist Manifesto, I urge you to go to a large
    public library and get a copy.  You're in for the shock of your

    The first plank of the Communist Manifesto is a Federal
    Income Tax.  Karl Marx was the first to propose a federal
    income tax on all wage earners in a country.  The second
    is to substitute paper money for real money of gold and
    silver.  Everything that Karl Marx laid down for the economic
    enslavement of a nation is already in place, right here in
    America.  Including women's liberation, the destruction of
    marriage and family life for the sake of so-called 'women's
    liberation' -- even this is spelled out by Karl Marx.  

    So where is the reign of the Antichrist in the world today?  
    Well, it's in Russia!  -where you have the economic
    enslavement of an entire people.  It's in China!  -where these
    people are nothing but slave laborers for the Communist
    Party.  The reign of the Antichrist is in Cambodia!  -where
    3 million Cambodians were slaughtered by their own
    government.  It's in VietNam!  It's in Laos!  It's in Poland!
    Yugoslavia!  Czechoslovakia!  And right here, in the United
    States. We are under the Communist Manifesto already.

    And this is what Daniel warned us about.  He said most
    people would be totally unaware that they were being taken
    over by the Antichrist.  

    When did our beloved America fall under the control of the
    Antichrist?  We know the exact date:  January 23rd, 1973,
    when our Supreme Court enacted the death penalty against
    20 million babies in our contry by abortion [it's now over 60
    million].  This was a sign that we have fallen under the
    control of the Antichrist.  Whenever the devil gets control
    of a nation -- and I don't care WHERE it is -- he demands
    human sacrifice!  That is the price, that those who give
    themselves to the devil must pay!  

    Now, normally in the past, this human sacrifice was paid
    by war, by revolution, by murder, by crime.  Well, the most
    scientific form of human sacrifice today is by abortion,
    where a mother's womb becomes the altar on which a
    human life is sacrificed to Lucifer.  According to [Alexander]
    Solzhenitsyn, the Communists have already killed 66
    million of their own people in Russia, either through war,
    execution, or slave labor camps.  That is the price that the
    Communists paid to Lucifer, and to his Antichrist.  

    [I know young people today who have never heard the name
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and when I try to tell them something
    about him, they look at me like I'm from outer space.  Such
    language appears to them as if it is not comprehensible. And
    this is the accomplishment of our public school system in
    America.  Perhaps it's not this bad in Ireland or in the
    Phillipines, for example.]

    So where is the reign of the Antichrist today?  

    Well, practically two-thirds of our planet has already been
    subjected to his power and authority, and as far as the
    rest of the world goes, it is just a matter of time.  The
    world bank will see to it, that every other nation is
    brought to its knees, through inflation, through a huge
    national debt, everybody will be enslaved to this world
    bank, whose chief executive is the Antichrist.

    The Bible and Tradition also warn us that the agents of the
    Antichrist will infiltrate the Catholic Church, and will take
    over its visible structures.  I am afraid this is what we are
    seeing today, not only in America but throughout the world.

    The Antichrist will take over our schools and will use them
    to teach Modernism, which is the religion of the Antichrist,
    he will take over our colleges, our once-great Catholic
    colleges, he will infiltrate and take over our chancery
    offices, our parish offices, our United States Catholic
    Conferences and the like.  

    [Curiously, he took over at Vat.II as well, and this priest, Fr.
    O'Connor. in giving this talk on this subject and did not
    recognize how Vat.II was under the control of the Antichrist!]

    This is described by St. John in the Apocalypse Chapter
    Twelve:  the woman clothed with the sun, and the red
    dragon -- who drives the Church underground, who
    persecutes the Church!  And  then in the folowing Chapter
    Thirteen, John warns us of this false prophet, who will arise.  
    And all the Fathers of the Church tell us the false prophet will
    be a Catholic Bishop!  -an apostate bishop, who will join the
    Antichrist, and help him in his rule over Catholics!  

    This has happened many times in history.  The Jewish
    church was taken over by satan.  At the time of Christ, he
    had complete control of the Sanhedrin and the Scribes and
    Pharisees. And he used those very leaders of the chosen
    people, who should have LED THEM to Christ, he used those
    leaders to execute their Messiah.  

    A prime example would be in England, under Henry VIII and
    Archbishop Cranmer, where they literally stole the Catholic
    Church away from the See of Peter. If you've ever gone to
    England, I'm sure you've gone to Westminster Cathedral,
    York Cathedral, to those other magnificent churches there,
    they were once all Catholic, as Catholic as this church here!

    [Fr. refers to a NovusOrdo parish church where the Newmass
    only had been celebrated for the past 18 years already!  How
    ironic is THAT?  The abominable Newmass had been imposed
    not from the outside but from the inside of the Church, when
    the Canonized Traditional Latin Mass was STOLEN from the
    faithful who would have kept it.]  

    And they were all STOLEN by Henry VIII and Archbishop
    Cranmer when they broke away, when 95% of Catholics went
    right along with that mini-antichrist!

    [Fr. speaks to an audience probably about 95% of whom had
    then gone "right along" with the Newmass without question,
    and he himself is perhaps 95% committed to it as well -- did
    Fr. John O'Connor ever celebrate the CTLM during the time of
    or after this speech he gave in 1987, which was BTW the
    year before ABL consecrated his 4 bishops?]

    All of the clergy, all of the priests, threw in with that mini-
    antichrist, and every bishop in England, except one, John
    Fisher, who was beheaded, threw in and joined with that
    Antichrist in stealing the Church from the Vicar of Christ.  

    Well, how will his minions take over the Church?  By
    infiltration!  This is their battle cry:  If you can't beat 'em,
    join 'em!  We have been infiltrated by Masons for, well, ever
    since their founding over 200 years ago.  


    This is why our once-beautiful liturgy has been so watered-
    down.  Archbishop Bugnini was a Mason --(and I had this on
    the best authority)-- who had infiltrated the Congregation for
    the Divine Worship, and did everything in his power to
    obscure the Mass as a Sacrifice, and to turn it into a
    Protestant communion service.  

    Now, our Mass, and our new liturgy IS VALID. If said by a
    validly orained priest with the right intention, it's still valid.  

    [This was then, of course, 17 years after the form of ordination
    had been rendered at least questionable, and 17 years after
    the Newmass had not been promulgated, even while all the
    clergy like Fr. O'Connor (who were not privy to the wiles of
    the top levels of authority from whence corruption came)
    had been and continued to be under the impression that the
    Newmass had been promulgated.  Therefore there are at
    least two conspicuous deceptions here that Fr. O'Connor
    has entirely missed:  1)  Vat.II was under the control of
    satan even while it seemed to be an authentic Council of
    the Church, and  2)  the Newmass was never promulgated
    even though THEY SAID IT WAS, but all the documentation
    reveals clearly that it in fact was not promulgated at all.]

    But Bugnini did everything he could to obscure the Mass as
    a sacrifice and to present it as simply a meal, a protestant
    communion service.  And just a few months ago, I was
    attending a workshop with Bishop Jerome Asrich (?) of Texas,
    and he got up and he said, and I quote, and he gave me
    permission to quote him, he said the ICEL, the International
    Commission on English in the Liturgy, is trying to protestantize
    our Catholic Mass, unquote.  You know, they've got a new
    sacramentary, a new Missal in the works, and I'm sure that
    when that does appear -- they promise it before the end of
    the century -- they will do away completely with the Mass
    as a sacrifice.  Oh, they'll keep a lot of the vestments and
    a lot of the external accoutrements..

    [Uh, no, they'll start wearing Mexican sarapes and rainbow
    towels and Hindu and Mohammedan prayer shawls and stuff,
    and they'll get rid of the statues and the candles and the
    stained glass windows, all in due time, before you know it.
    But as for this "new Sacramentary," it was SORT OF brought
    in over time, but not completely, perhaps thanks to this
    speech by Fr. O'Connor and maybe others like it.  But there
    are further changes on the horizon, including but not limited
    to the SO-CALED 'NEW 1962 MISSAL' that was supposed to
    be introduced one year ago, for Advent 2012, but for
    whatever reason it was not.  So there is something new
    coming still, even if it is now 12 years after the end of the
    century.  Note: the century to which Fr. refers, the 20th,
    ended on December 31st, 2000, and the first day of the
    new century was January 1st, 2001. It will have been 13
    years at the end of next month, Dec. 2013.  Right now, it
    has only been 12 years.]

    .. They'll try to PRETEND it's still the good-old-Catholic Mass,
    but it will be nothing more than a protestant communion

    [While Fr. has it partially correct, it is ever more obvious to
    us today that the NovusOrdo Newmass which he curiously
    attempts to defend, has been no more than a protestant
    communion service pretty much all along, ever since 1969
    when six Protestant ministers composed it for the most
    regrettable Paul VI, who never promulgated it.]

    And as Daniel, the great prophet Daniel in the Old
    Testament warned, the Antichrist will do away with the
    everlasting Sacrifice.  This will be the mark of the Beast by
    which we will recognize him.  He will do away with the
    Mass as a sacrifice of Christ on Calvary and substitute in its
    place a protestant communion service.  

    [Actually, this being only 27 years after his speech, there are
    many protestant groups who use the NovusOrdo liturgy just
    about as Fr. O'Connor was saying it the day he gave this talk.]


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    Sermon on the antichrist
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  • I am sure the antichrist will have a lot more shine, urbanity and verve than Obama and will certainly be more handsome. He won't need a tele-prompter when he wants to makes speech. At the end of the day, the antichrist is just a man - and for those of us found at his accession, his works will simply be used for our sanctification by the all good God, Who is in control through providence.

    Apocalypse 7:14

    And I said to him: My Lord, thou knowest. And he said to me: These are they who are come out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and have made them white in the blood of the Lamb.


    Luke 12:32

    "Fear not, little flock, for it hath pleased your Father to give you a kingdom."

    With regard to the intensity of the sufferings Our Blessed Mother told the saintly French priest, Father Lamy, that it is better to spend 15 years dragging your weight on earth rather than to spend 15 minutes in Purgatory.[/i]

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    Sermon on the antichrist
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    Quote from: andysloan
    I am sure the antichrist will have a lot more shine, urbanity and verve than Obama and will certainly be more handsome. He won't need a tele-prompter when he wants to [make a] speech.

    At the end of the day, the antichrist is just a man - and for those of us found at his accession, his works will simply be used for our sanctification by the all good God, Who is in control through providence.

    With Obama we are mostly being shown how fickle voters are and how easily they will be manipulated under the Antichrist.  It is already unbelievable how fickle people can be, and deliberately blind to the truth.

    While the Antichrist is "just a man," as you say, andysloan, he will be the most totally, absolutely and completely possessed by the devil man ever to walk the earth.  

    While the devil would attempt to become incarnate in a man, to imitate Our Lord Jesus Christ's incarnation (which cannot happen since God would not permit that to happen), he would nonetheless come as close as he can to this imitation, and that will be the Antichrist, a man in whom the devil has so entirely impersonated the natural style and impressions of the man whose body he occupies with his unholy control, in this thorough case of demonic possession.

    He will be the preeminent example of what VICE can do to a man:  love of money, greed, pride, selfishness, hate, lust, avarice, envy, ambition, worldliness, contempt for God, covetousness, impiety, and yet, he will seduce nations.  He will have billions of followers.

    Each of us know several, or more, people who will be completely under his spell.  It is most dangerous to presume that any one of us will be completely immune to the spiritual hazard of the Antichrist.  He will seduce the majority of the human race. That would include a lot of Catholics.  It could include you or me.  

    The way we can best protect ourselves from this danger is to PRACTICE VOLUNTARY PENANCE.  Is it any wonder why penance has become a 'dirty word' in Newchurch?

    Therefore, if you or I become lost to the seduction of the Antichrist, it will be because you or I have not sufficiently practiced voluntary penance.

    .--. .-.-.- ... .-.-.- ..-. --- .-. - .... . -.- .. -. --. -.. --- -- --..-- - .... . .--. --- .-- . .-. .- -. -.. -....- -....- .--- ..- ... - -.- .. -.. -.. .. -. --. .-.-.

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    Sermon on the antichrist
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  • Quote from: andysloan
    With regard to the intensity of the sufferings Our Blessed Mother told the saintly French priest, Father Lamy, that it is better to spend 15 years dragging your weight on earth rather than to spend 15 minutes in Purgatory.

    Our Blessed Mother is our example.  She suffered intensely at the foot of the Cross, but she didn't have to.  She had no sin for which she had to do any penance!  Her suffering was for the sins of others!  

    She did ADDITIONAL VOLUNTARY PENANCE for the sins of people who had at that time not even been born. yet!

    This "dragging your weight" refers to carrying your cross.  This is doing the penance of our daily duty, those things that our state in life demands of us.  

    There is another level to this "dragging your weight" and that is doing voluntary penance.  That is, going to the extra effort of doing more than what everyday life demands, by way of offering inconveniences that present themselves that we can easily pass up, but we instead would choose to make our own.  

    If we do not do sufficient penance in this life we will then face all of what is left unresolved in Purgatory, when it will be far more difficult to deal with it.  But then, it will be too late.  

    .--. .-.-.- ... .-.-.- ..-. --- .-. - .... . -.- .. -. --. -.. --- -- --..-- - .... . .--. --- .-- . .-. .- -. -.. -....- -....- .--- ..- ... - -.- .. -.. -.. .. -. --. .-.-.

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    Sermon on the antichrist
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    There aren't many threads that I enjoy reading again, but this is certainly one of them.

    Thank you, andysloan!

    .--. .-.-.- ... .-.-.- ..-. --- .-. - .... . -.- .. -. --. -.. --- -- --..-- - .... . .--. --- .-- . .-. .- -. -.. -....- -....- .--- ..- ... - -.- .. -.. -.. .. -. --. .-.-.


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