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Author Topic: Russia Today video about the new Colombian president  (Read 165 times)

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Russia Today video about the new Colombian president
« on: June 23, 2022, 11:38:33 AM »
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  • If you don't know who Gustavo Petro is, I recommend that you read this other thread first:

    The video is in Spanish but it isn't a problem because I have transcribed it so that you can read it.

    Bold is mine, to emphasize the worst parts.

    Seeing things like this, I wonder how the government that approves this content can be the alternative to the NWO, since when do Catholics or people who fight evil dedicate themselves to whitewashing and promoting communism?

    Because let's remember that RT is controlled by the Russian government, its content is decided by the Kremlin.

    "Ahí les va" is an RT program, scroll down and on the bottom left you will see the RT logo. Well. The transcript:

    Gustavo Petro will be the next president of Colombia. The country will have a president located to the left of the center, something that has not happened since, I don't know... never?

    The fact is not only historical and transcendental for the Colombian nation and its inhabitants, but also for the entire Latin American Region. However, what in most countries could be expressed with stereotyped journalistic synonyms such as “the elected president will assume power on that date”, in this case, does not apply except with asterisks and small letters. Because it is one thing to come to power and quite another to be able to exercise it.

    And we won't steal more than three or four minutes to tell you the keys to, perhaps, the most transcendental event that Colombian history has given since the days of independence.

    With a participation of almost 60%, very high by Colombian standards, Gustavo Petro obtained a few tenths more than half of the votes, becoming the new president of Colombia.

    Electorally, the result is the biggest defeat for Uribism since it officially emerged two decades ago. Eye, electorally. The candidate closest to Alvaro Uribe did not make it past the first round, and the one who garnered the vote of the former president's supporters was defeated in the second.

    Petro's victory has a lot to do with the social weariness accuмulated by the string of Uribe leaders or Uribe leaders who govern Colombia uninterruptedly since 2002.

    The fear of "Castrochavism" or the supposed "Venezuelanization" of Colombia, very present in all Colombian electoral campaigns of this century (including this one), in contrast, did not have enough effect on this occasion. Discursive phenomenon that, in fact, has been losing electoral strength in the region in recent years.

    It is enough to compare what the Liman Group was in 2019 and what the "Lima group" is today. And it is that Petro's victory is part of an increasingly accentuated regional political shift. Today, politically, Latin America looks more and more like the first decade of the 21st century than the second. What's more, at that time, two regional heavyweights like Colombia and Mexico never had governments far from the direct control of Washington and now they do.

    Add to that the possible arrival to the Brazilian presidency of a Lula whom prison, far from turning off, emboldened, and the weakening and uncertainty of the current position of the US, at a global level.

    With this regional panorama in the making, don't be surprised if the White House ends up missing the times of Chavez, Evo, Nestor, Kirchner and Correa. But if at the regional level Petro has soft and favorable winds to carry out the transformations that he promised in the campaign, internally the panorama is much less peaceful.

    First, the electoral victory, as epic and historic as it is, is also very close. His starting political capital is relative and he will have to balance on the taut rope of reality so as not to unleash his opponents or disappoint his followers.

    Although Colombia has a fairly presidential system, the Historical Pact with which Petro assumes the presidency does not control even a fifth of the Senate and House of representatives. With the risk that each measure will have to negotiate so much, no matter how inconsequential, that the Historical Pact ends up being more pact than historical.

    Despite the fact that Gustavo Petro is basically a social democrat, the big Colombian media will present him more insistently than ever as the living reincarnation of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez and Manuel Marulanda “Tirofijo” in one person. Which would not matter if it weren't for the number of his compatriots who are willing to believe it, be terrified and act accordingly.

    But the real challenge for the future president is, paradoxically, in the structures of the State that, as of August, will have him as head. Many of them are still penetrated by drug trafficking and paramilitarism.

    And one thing, as is normal in many countries, is that the opposition does not want to let you govern. But another, very different, is that the one who did not want to let you govern is the State itself. Because this is probably the first time in Colombian history that the new president has not been part of power since before assuming it.

    And those who have power in Colombia could perhaps come to accept a president who is not to their liking, but it would be difficult for them to cede an important part of that power. And, to the extent that Gustavo Petro, those who accompany him in his proposal and those who voted for it manage to overcome the challenges they face, in a few years we will know if, in addition to making history in Colombia, they managed to transform it.

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    Re: Russia Today video about the new Colombian president
    « Reply #1 on: June 23, 2022, 12:10:03 PM »
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  • Thank you again for reporting on the Kremlin's propaganda efforts in Spanish speaking world, Drolo. More evidence that Russia is spreading her errors in our time. 

    You also have RT running articles like this (from October 2021) on their English language website: 

    On Contact: Neofascist seizure of America’s state governments

    On the show, Chris Hedges discusses the seizure of state governments by America’s homegrown neofascist movement with the historian Paul Street.

    The creeping homegrown Christianized fascism that is steadily gaining power in the United States is most evident not in Washington but in state-level politics. Some 150 million Americans live in fully or mainly “red states,” where state politics and policy are completely or largely in the hands of a neofascist Republican party. There are 22 states where Republicans control the governorship and legislatives bodies. There are 15 states where the Democratic party controls the governorship and legislative bodies. And there are 13 states with divided governments. In the “red” states such as Texas and Florida, laws are being passed to suppress voting, outlaw abortion, forbid honest discussion of white systemic racism in public education, ban local governments and school districts from enforcing minimum wage ordinances, prohibit local vaccine and mask mandates, cut pandemic-related unemployment benefits, reject federal Medicaid dollars to help the poor receive health care, and persecute undocuмented workers and their families. The nation’s most retrograde corporate political funders and operatives – the Koch-backed “fifth column” culprits in historian Nancy MacLean’s book Democracy in Chains – have long focused heavily on politics and policy at the state level. State politics, with the collapse of the local press and its consolidation by a handful of corporations, is an easy mark. It is rarely covered and almost never in-depth. Corporations, for relatively small costs, can buy the loyalty of state officials and banish those who do not do their bidding. What is happening, as the historian Paul Street writes, is that in the white-nationalist “flyover” states, Republican neofascists are hard-wiring these jurisdictions to orchestrate this creeping coup with Leninist discipline.

    Paul Street is the author of 10 books including his latest Hollow Resistance: Obama, Trump, and the Politics of Appeasement. He also writes regularly for Counterpunch where he published a recent column headlined “What Happens in the Red States.”

    YouTube channel: On Contact

    Follow us on Facebook:


    CH: Welcome to On Contact.  Today we discuss the seizure of state governments by America’s homegrown neo-fascist movement with the historian, Paul Street.

    PS: Their opposition to abortion was intimately related to a much broader overall fascistic worldview about just about everything, people are.  And the connecting link in all of this was personal responsibility.  They kept going on and on about personal responsibility.  Poor people are poor because they’re lazy.  There’s also this under text of inferior.  They even view COVID at the level of just a completely personal level.  They blame people for getting COVID.  It’s a personal responsibility issue.  They are obsessed with the notion that anytime the government ever steps in to help anyone, welfare programs, or pro union legislation, or public health mandates, that that is a socialist, Marxist, totalitarian assault on personal responsibility.

    Personal responsibility = Fascism? 

    And fascism, is of course, irredeemably evil in the eyes of these myopic Neo-Soviets, who genuflect before their antichrist and genocidal maniac Stalin every May 9th and celebrate his defeat of the Axis' crusade against Communism as "Victory Day". As if the Russian people really "won" that war! 

    Aside from this, it is quite evident that the highlighted screed in particular (along with the rest of this article) is filled with the same kind of rhetoric you'd find in American libtard media like CNN or MSNBC.