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Pius X: "Hebrews have not recognized our Lord therefore
« on: December 06, 2013, 09:52:43 AM »
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  • Pope St. Pius X refused to recognize the Hebrew (Jewish) people:
    "Gli Ebrei non hanno riconosciuto nostro Signore, perciò non possiamo riconoscere il popolo ebreo."
    "The Hebrews [Jews] have not recognized our Lord; therefore, we cannot recognize the Hebrew [Jewish] people."

    (January 26, 1904, audience with Theodor Herzl, a founder of Zionism)

    He and the Vatican refused to call the Holy Land "Israel." In 1948 L'Osservatore Romano said:
    «Modern Israel is not the true heir of biblical Israel. … Therefore, the Holy Land and its sacred sites belong to Christianity, the true Israel».


    This really clarifies things, especially today when so many Catholics think that modern-day Jews are already part of the Catholic Church and don't need evangelization.
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