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No Nonsense Self-Defense
« on: August 28, 2010, 07:52:05 PM »
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  • Quote from: St. Thomas Aquinas, [i
    Summa Theologica, Secunda Secundae Partis[/i], Q. 41, Art. 1]But in him who defends himself, it may be without sin, or it may sometimes involve a venial sin, or sometimes a mortal sin; and this depends on his intention and on his manner of defending himself. For if his sole intention be to withstand the injury done to him, and he defend himself with due moderation, it is no sin, and one cannot say properly that there is strife on his part. But if, on the other hand, his self-defense be inspired by vengeance and hatred, it is always a sin. It is a venial sin, if a slight movement of hatred or vengeance obtrude itself, or if he does not much exceed moderation in defending himself: but it is a mortal sin if he makes for his assailant with the fixed intention of killing him, or inflicting grievous harm on him.

    The site linked to below is designed in such a way that relevant topics are frequently linked to within the text of the article itself so that quick assimilation of the material can be gleaned with a minimum expenditure of time or effort.  Moreover, the information itself is well ordered and firmly rooted in common sense and follows the expression "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  I have not read all of the articles, so I cannot necessarily vouch for all of them, but thus far the language has been acceptable (with the exception of one inappropriate usage of the word "hell" that I have seen), and the tone of the articles quite academic.

    If anyone has been concerned with their personal safety or that of their family, this website should help greatly in helping to build the peace of mind that comes from knowledge and empowerment.  It is my opinion that this information should be a part of any good home-school curriculum, especially that contained in the article entitled "Pyramid of Personal Safety".


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