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New World Order - Summary
« on: July 28, 2008, 10:45:37 AM »
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  • From a thread about the New World Order on another forum:

    Their plan is called the New World Order, but for you to really understand the reality of it, you kind of have to question everything you know, learnt, been told, authority, media, etc.

    Everyone knows something is desperately wrong with what's happening in the world, but it is not by accident. It's a big long plan and we are at the final stage of it.

    You know a lot their plan without really understanding... it is called 'predictive programming'... and they are telling us all the time what they are up to. Just everyone is asleep and thinks that it is all coincidence.

    Starting looking at youtube... punch in NWO... just be careful... there's about 90% truth mixed with 10% BS.

    Population Reduction is just one part... meaning rapid as in within the next few year.
    Economic Collapse
    Release of Manufacture Illnesses... the best at the moment is Morgellons with H5N2 ready to be release via Chemtrails in the sky. Here:
    War with Iran
    Concentration Camps are ready worldwide... Fema in the US... million of coffins have been made.
    Microchipping people (survivors) and tracking them to their demise (these new chips are a variation of realID passport id etc. you will not be able to buy or sell without one in your hand... it will be located between middle and ring finger)
    American uprising, civil unrest, emergency suspended government, martial law...
    Food Crisis
    Codex Alimentarius- WTO and UN plan to poison through food.
    Drugs already in water supply to be increased

    I could go on... there is tons of evidence, just google, youtube... etc.
    BTW did you know that aids, ebola etc. have patents and we know w.h.o. made them...

    Sounds nuts huh? well look it up and see... I've got my own site but apparently if I post it, it breaks the rules under self-promotion... so I'll let you find it and point you in the right direction.

    From what I've been able to find out, the US Senate never ratified the treaty requiring the US to follow the edicts of the WTO. This could save the US from the provisions of Codex Alimentarius.

    According to Codex Alimentarius, nutrients are re-classified as toxins. As toxins, they have to be reduced to less than 1/100th of an effective dose in food items. The WTO plans to require that all food trade follow this limit by the end of December of 2009. The result of this will be that food that goes from one country to another will be devoid of nutritional content. This will result in malnutrition and death on a huge scale, estimated at 1 billion within one year with another 2 billion within a few more years.

    The Codex Alimentarius also requires that animal feed contain sub-clinical doses of antibiotics, and that dairy cows be given hormones.

    Lawmakers have not accepted the WTO provisions of the Codex Alimentarius because they are sadistic. Instead, they do not know of these provisions because they are buried deep in the text.

    Mostly correct... however much of Codex has already been phased in over the last hmmm... actually goes back 40+ years...

    Much of is being implemented... I look for some links, there was a great Monsanto video that showed what has already happened throughout the whole world's agriculture, right down to little villages in the third world.

    I live in Australia and we are the largest agricultural producer in the world per capita by a long long way. On globally we represent a massive proportion with just 20million people here.
    Yet the freshest apple that you can find here is 12-16 months old... and they are all virtually micronutritionally void.
    You'd be suprised to see how much of it is already in effect.

    Here's one:

    It just is not economically viable to compete anymore.
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