Author Topic: Mark my words - Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead - truth will come out eventually  (Read 6638 times)

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Yes, look at Francis' right middle finger (final digit). This finger appears to be severely deformed and afflicted with arthritis.

Could Francis be receiving adrenochrome injections?
It raises some questions seeing many pictures of Francis where some look older than others but recent years look younger. 

Here is a picture of another man’s hand
that looks much older next to Francis’ 82 yr old one

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Oh, speaking of doubles, have you seen "Hillary Clinton" recently? It is not HRC at all.
Her gait and her voice are different. Even my husband noticed that. He wanted to know
who was speaking as he did not recognize the timber or resonance of her voice.

In addition, this "Hillary" does not cough or laugh excessively, nor does she ask for a
glass of water. Indeed, this double is far more energetic and expressive than the true HRC
who was unstable in her gait, could barely function, and could not walk up a short flight of
stairs without assistance. Honestly, I think her failing health was a major reason she was
not elected as President.

Furthermore, there is no mole near her lip, but perhaps, more importantly, look at her hands,
which belie the fact that this double cannot be more than  30 or 40 years old.

A nurse told me that nurses and doctors are trained to look at the hands, which can
reveal much about a person's health and age. At 72, HRC should have more wrinkles
on her hands, instead, her hands are smooth, shimmering, and very youthful.
Maybe she started the Keto diet?  :ready-to-eat: :chef:

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Maybe she started the Keto diet?  :ready-to-eat: :chef:
Most likely, she and others are living on adrenochrome 24/7 to retain their youthfulness.
Narcissists, all, but God will not be mocked.
Lord have mercy.

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My uncle will assure you that he’s no longer married, but facts, and the Catholic Church, say otherwise.  He has publicly stated he is not, yet he still is.  How could this be possible?
Oh but the Pope is infallible.  Yes well his having validly and legally renounced the Throne of Peter, is not a teaching on faith and morals, so he could be as wrong about that as my uncle is about his own situation.  To quote a great lady of our time “the Pope is not the arbiter of reality”.  God is the arbiter of reality.  The pope doesn’t make things true.  They either are true or they aren’t true.  He doesn’t have the supernatural ability to make a thing true by saying it.
This is convoluted thinking. If someone unequivocally resigns an office he (supposedly) has, he no longer holds that office. This Is not analogous to the validity of a marriage. Apples and oranges.

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Anything from the voice of jewish propaganda (NPR) has to be questioned.

"Some preachers will keep silence about the truth, and others will trample it underfoot and deny it. Sanctity of life will be held in derision even by those who outwardly profess it, for in those days Our Lord Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor but a destroyer."  St. Francis of Assisi


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