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Life in the NWO
« on: August 22, 2006, 08:43:18 PM »
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  • It is probably pretty obvious by now that I have drawn a bead on the pharmaceutical companies, through whom I believe satan is making great strides in the destruction of humanity.  This is just a partial article since I am not about to subscribe to this magazine to get the rest. get the picture.

    Protection racket
    21 July 2001
    Debora MacKenzie
    Magazine issue 2300
    Drugs companies are tightening their hold on Third World markets
    TODAY or tomorrow, a five-year-old child in a slum in Kenya will die painfully of dysentery. This is not unusual. A thousand children in the world die like this every day. And the toll is rising now that three-quarters of the Shigella bacteria that cause dysentery resist treatment with old antibiotics like ampicillin.

    Yet over in neighbouring Uganda, amid similar poverty, another five-year-old will get dysentery and survive. The difference: ciprofloxacin, a relatively new antibiotic that still kills Shigella. In Uganda this lifesaver sells for just seven cents a tablet. In Kenya, each pill costs $2.42, putting a course of treatment utterly beyond the means of most parents.

    And the reason for the vast price difference? Drug patents. All year a conflict has been simmering about patents and the poor. Now it is about to break as delegates and "anti-globalisation" street protesters converge on Genoa for next week's summit of ...
    Please pray for the repose of her soul.


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