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Author Topic: Steve Sailers "Pro-Semitism"  (Read 351 times)

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Steve Sailers "Pro-Semitism"
« on: March 28, 2016, 02:04:54 AM »
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  • This is from 2003.

    For an extreme example of how pro-Semitism can come about within an
    individual merely through genes alone, consider me. Although I'm Catholic, I
    became very pro-Semitic at the age of 13 when my powers of logic kicked in
    (and my hair turned curly). I quickly noticed that a high percentage of the
    thinkers I either agreed with (e.g., Milton Friedman) or whom I considered it
    a worthy challenge to argue against were Jewish. Since I was adopted, a few
    years later I concluded that it was likely that I was half-Jewish
    biologically, (which indeed appears to be the case based on evidence my wife
    dug up when I was 30). It's important to understand the chain of causation:
    having a very Jewish-style brain (e.g., enjoying logical argument), I sought
    out the best logical arguers to read, very many of whom were Jewish. (You may
    object that my political views today don't sound much like those of the
    majority of American Jews, but I was enormously influenced by Jewish
    neoconservatives in the 1970s and 1980s. Having gone to some lengths to
    expose myself to Jewish thinkers (not because they were Jewish per se, but
    because those who most stimulated my kind of mind more than writers from
    other ethnic groups), I absorbed from them a lot of typically Jewish
    political stances: e.g., pro-Israel and pro-immigration.

    Now, my pro-Semitism came about even though I was being raised in my
    (adoptive) family, which has no Jewish relatives, and, in fact, has a slight
    anti-Semitic mindset. (I realize my case is only a single data point, so I
    recommend somebody conduct a formal adoption study of Jews and part-Jews
    adopted by gentile families.) In the future, however, most children of the IQ
    elite will have Jews in their extended relatives, which will make my kind of
    pro-Semitism even more widespread in the future.

    Steve Sailer


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