Author Topic: Hungary Moves Forward With Sane 'Sex At Birth' Law  (Read 73 times)

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Hungary Moves Forward With Sane 'Sex At Birth' Law
« on: May 04, 2020, 06:06:01 PM »
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  •  Hungary moves forward with sane 'sex at birth' law
    Posted: 03 May 2020 05:14 PM PDT -- Marxism doesn't work in a real world. So what do Marxists do? They create a fake world where gender is malleable. Those who fail to comply with the insanity are vilified as homophobes or some other pejorative. 

    Fortuately, there are some leaders refusing to cave in to the in pressure from the far left. Among those is Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. 

    According to ▼

    Legislation making its way through the Hungarian Parliament and expected to become law would legally define a person's sex or gender as "sex at birth," meaning later in life a person could not legally change their gender.  

    The meat upon which Marxism survives and thrives is class struggle. Where there is no class struggle, Marxism will invent it to justify its existence. To that end the far left has manufactured out of thin air the notion of transgender rights. 

    Some see through the ruse. East Europeans, in particular, seem to have a knack for realism and defying the make-believe fantasies that exist only in the minds of those duped by the cult-like ideologies of cultural Marxism. 


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