Author Topic: How to take apart Climate Change Hoax like a cheap watch  (Read 239 times)

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How to take apart Climate Change Hoax like a cheap watch
« on: August 19, 2019, 10:37:42 PM »
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  • This is HIGHLY informative, full of great information, easy to watch, and WELL WORTH  1 hour of your time. I learned a ton!

    P.S. Please watch this regardless of your opinion of the TFP (the interview is done by the TFP; the author being interviewed is NOT part of TFP). This man offers 100% truth about the Climate Change hoax -- which is the same as opposing Communism. Please take advantage of it. (If you reject any information from individuals who don't attend Mass with your favorite Trad group, you will be one very ignorant man or woman!)

    Celebrities, activists, environmentalist organizations, the UN, government entities and sadly, even the Vatican support the theory that humans cause climate change.  However, in this exclusive interview, “global warming” expert and author Marc Morano gives you hard-hitting arguments and facts that dispel the artificial fear propagated by “climate emergency” alarmists.

    Marc Morano talks about:
    #Climate #change  (min 2:58)
    Population control (min
    Global warming  (min
    Medieval warm period (min
    Best arguments against climate change (min
    The fake 97% scientific consensus (min
    The Green New Deal (min
    Pope Francis and Laudato Si (min
    48:11 )
    Socialism and environmentalism (min
    His book, Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change (min
    Feeling generous? Want to say "thank you"? Feel free to send gifts from my Amazon wishlist!

    Start session by clicking this link, and my family and I get a commission on your purchase!

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    Re: How to take apart Climate Change Hoax like a cheap watch
    « Reply #1 on: August 20, 2019, 11:24:20 AM »
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